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    That was my thought:

    Adjusted for the United States' continually more worthless currency, this isn't a price increase at all, just a reflection of our lousy dollar! Funny how we don't notice until inflation starts to hit home- Star Wars.

    Can I be like Giselle and get paid in euros?
    Well, just about anything you get paid in will be worth more than our almighty dollar. Hmmm, almighty doesn't seem right for it anymore.

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    An important factor in the price increase might be the cost of oil. Plastic, shipping, and so much else require petroleum. It was inevitable with rising oil costs being what they are that the prices of toys would go up.

    Marvel Legends went up $2 last year when the line transitioned over to Hasbro. GI JOE is reasonably priced now, but as soon as the GI JOE movie comes out, I suspect their basic figures will go up also. The price is low now since they just reintroduced the line not that many months ago. Once it has caught on, Hasbro will surely, sadly raise the price.

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    Steve and I talked with Hasbro about the oil aspect, it really doesn't affect the materials directly, they buy in such bulk that it's not such an issue. It's all the transportation costs, boat and truck, and it affects every aspect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal View Post
    I don't know if I should feel honored or insulted, heh heh.
    It was not meant as an insult!! hehe
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