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    Question Imperial Uniform Colors

    Here's the one's I know about:

    Black & White

    I know what most of them mean, but I would like the valuable input of my fellow fans.
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    By white do you mean light gray? or do you mean Admiral Thrawn white?

    Tarkin, Motti, etc wore gray. But Yularen (the white haired skinny old guy) wore a light gray.

    Or do you mean Black & White as in Stormtrooper/Scout Trooper armor? I think that's more of a pragmatic color scheme (armor over thermal underwear) rather than a ranking significance.

    I didn't know the colors "meant" anything...

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    Ah Hah! I found a website that describes Imperial Uniforms.

    As for the grey/green thing, I think it is more of an olive drab. And when I put black & white, I meant black & white uniform. This relates to the Imperial Security Bureau. Wasn't one of the officers at the meeting on the 1st Death Star dressed in such a uniform? Name slips my mind.

    Anyway, here's the link at

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