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    Post Sideshow SW Card and Poker Chip set

    I checked out the news item here about the playing cards and chips. I'll post the link to the news below:

    [wait for it]

    [wait for it]

    [insert here: Go to this place]

    If they're not too expensive, I might get two, one to open and one with which to play. It's been a while since I've made that statement. Wasn't there a company that was trying to make a sabaacc set? Did they (and who is this mysterious "they" anyway?) ever create one?
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    Hey Lord M. and/or Insane JG! Can you move this thread with a redirect to the Cards section? I realized it's more appropriate to that space (and it can use the traffic, too). You may delete this here post o' mine if you wish (unless you think I'm so pathetic that I need one more post to add to my total ) after movin' it over thar.

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    I ordered one of these (they are $24.99 plus tax AND shipping), but the holder and set itself look cool. Hope SSG gets a little bit for the link.

    And you can still move this thread to Cards if ye wanna, mods!
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    Uhh, they're $149 plus shipping, not $24.

    The idea looked cool, I love how the chips look lit up, but the faces don't work for me.
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    You've pointed out a continuity error, JT, so I therefore owe a BSLOS as debt:

    "Sitting with the
    Sitting with the
    Sitting with the
    Sitting with the
    Sitting with the
    Sitting with the
    Sitting with the thinker,
    Trying to work it out."

    I forgot I posted this under the cards AND chips set. I just bought the cards. At a higher price than I expected (what, no $7.99 card set? are people not going to PLAY with these? oh, right... it's a "collectible," sorry ), I shan't purchase two, so no games of 104 Pick-Up for me.
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    Well, my UPS delivery date's been changed three times now (from 3/20, to 3/21, to 3/24 ), but as soon as I get this, I'll post some pics and comments.
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