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    Thumbs down Why is the rest of the world treated differently?

    Okay Hasbro, why do you crap on us like this? It's pretty tough to find new stuff in the U.S. even harder in Canada and probably almost impossible in other countries. There is 2 huge exceptions from what I've read.

    The first is Hong Kong b/c the darn things are made in China.

    The second is Japan. I'm sure no one has a problem with any other country getting these toys, but why is their market so indulged?

    Everyone should get these toys but especially here in America(s). Star Wars is an American Icon not a Japanese Icon. They have Godzilla and DBZ.

    You cause riffs. How are we suppose to love our neighbors if our neighbors get all the toys?!
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    Here Here, I agree 100%. I'm in Canada and I'm sick of not being able to finish collections.

    I'm not sure what undergrad is making decisions at Hasbro, but they don't make one ounce of sense to me. If you make a mold to make a toy, it makes more sense to make as many of that toy as you can so the costs of the mold equals 0 and the profit is 100%?

    Smart business sense would be to continue to produce the toy until it isn't moving anymore than stop. Hasbro has to know by now after this many years how the collections sell and the complaints of the consumers. No other toy line has collectors screaming about this whole issue. Hasbro spits out tons of not interesting figs. and few of the good ones. Don't they understand by now that any Darth fig will sell, Leia doesn't, so don't pack 1 Darth and 4 Leia's make the cases equal of all figures.

    It is perfectly obvious that the makers of these toys are not Star Wars fans, in fact they probably didn't even see the movies and think Spock was Luke's uncle......

    And if they are intended for kids only, why the heck is there so many exclusives. Kids don't have money, nor are they going to hunt the globe for exclusives. Lets get someone working for Hasbro who knows a little about economics, and distribution.

    And Hasbro wonders why they have financial issues?
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    It does seem funny that it is hard to find anything in the US without paying very high prices on those on-line stores.
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