here's my take on pics:

Xwing Luke - this particular fig looks to have a sloppy paint job. I wouldn't expect all to be like this and am not worried. Some on the 'Net are freaking out over the 'rabbit' teeth on Luke. First of all, it ain't that bad and if you think so, take a littke xacto knife and scrape the teeth paint off - you'll never know it was there. Helmet on Luke looks great. The eyes in the loose pics look more normal. My grade A-

Han Solo DSE - to me, this is a great likeness of Han. Some on the 'net are complaining that this has a terrible face sculpt and I disagree. Looks just like H. Ford from the 70's. It's a very specific look right from ANH that's great! I hope that the holster is functional? Anyone know for sure? My grade B+

Shmi - great sculpt all the way. The paint deco aside from the head is great. However, on this one, the face on this fig is way to pale... hopefully some will have a more accurate flesh tone deco. My grade: B+ (would have been A if face wasn't soo pale)

Vader EW - well, I'm kinda mixed on this one. A great idea, that has a pretty good execution to it. The head is just 'odd' to me - kinda cool, but that's it. The body sculpt is great - don't know why Vaders hands are transparent like the head while the rest of this fig has a solid look to it. Nice lightsaber accessory. Overall, this is an interesting piece that I look foward to getting. My grade: B+

Obi wan training - what a terrible, terrible fig. DOA in my opinion. Really has no redeeming quality to it and I hope this kills off the off - concpet figs (or whatever the hell this is). Of the four off-screen concept figs, this is the worst. Why did they use an old Obi Wan head and not the last one from the Snowobiwan figure? The helmet looks kinda lame and the lightsaber is not painted at the handle, which is inexcuseable. I give this one an: F.

Aside from the abomination known as Obi Wan, this is a good (not great) wave. I look foward to X Wing Luke the most. It is great to finally get a Shmi, albeit a pale one!