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    After some real chasing around, i managed to track one of these down.
    I can see what the complaints are about now concerning the wing mounts. What i can't believe is how LOUSY the main wings are!!! HUGE screw pilot holes protruding on the lower surface!!!
    They'll have to go i'm afraid. I will scratchbuild new ones.
    I am also going to saw out the existing rotator hinges, and replace them with wooden dowelling.
    Otherwise, i am fairly happy with this one. It's a nice design, and i REALLY like the "Red Five" paintjob!!!
    It's a shame it wasn't more in scale(I can't put my finger on it, though i think the top wing is incorrectly sized too), but it's only about 1/30 at the most.
    I will fashion a new pilot's couch in 1/24 and stick a new pilot in there.

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    Hey guys!!!
    Sorry for the necro post. It took me nearly a year(I forgot all about it and found it in the cupboard two days ago, and HAD TO get to work on it because of all the airtime this fabulous ship got in the CW show!!!!), but i have done a fair bit of work on the Torrent.
    I removed all the screw plugs on the wings and epoxied the wings together again.
    I also epoxied the wing mounts onto the wings(They are WAAAAAY stronger now than their original "pop into place" system!).
    I re-panelled the underside of the wings where the screw holes were, and i removed the cockpit tub and am in the process of building a new one in a smaller scale.
    As a last small thing, i removed the landing gear, and i will be making new landing legs with hatches, attached by magnets. They will sit the ship slightly higher off the ground than the original gear and will look a bit more like actual landing gear(And they will hold the entire weight on just the two feet like a Tydirium shuttle).
    And as a remedy to the complained-about lack of a wing detent to stop the wings swinging down too far, i added two small screws on each engine combing on the underside which very simply stops the wings from going down any further than the screw(I used two screws for each wing, but i could have gotten away with one on each side i think).
    I am using a 1/22 model kit figure wearing a WWII-looking flight suit(Complete with a leather skullcap).
    Here are some images(I have a 10MP Fuji S8000HD which will arrive in the next few days, but these images are taken with the camera on my Blackberry. Hopefully they will give the flavour of the mods so far, and i can take higher res images when the new cam gets here!):

    Re-panelling on the wings(And the detent screws if you look close!):

    The screw position closeup:

    With the large wing lugs behind the guns removed, the SAME SCREWS FIT RIGHT BACK IN WITH NO MODS!!! Looks WAY better:

    The new wing front profile:

    The side view with the new more in-scale pilot in situ:

    Once i get the cockpit finished and painted, i will seal the hull, fill the panel gaps, and get to work on the hull painting.
    If anyone is still interested, i can post more images when all that's done.

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    [FONT=Courier New]You've done it again! Nice work, Bar![/FONT]
    [FONT=Courier New]"First of all, never bad mouth synergy..."[/FONT]

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    Outstanding work!

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    Thanks guys!
    It's not finished, but soon will be.
    I'll get the gear mounts done maybe tonight, and get to work detailing the cockpit interior(I already used the Anakin seat back from the ROTS Jedi Interceptor model kit).
    I know it's not the same style, but has anyone got a screen grab of the CN Clone Wars Torrent from the scene where they are on the ground about to take off?(Just to see exactly what the gear looks like in that version...)

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    I'm eager to see Bar's dirty deco on this one. It's been a while but I'm still excited for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    I'm eager to see Bar's dirty deco on this one. It's been a while but I'm still excited for it.

    As usual, i got sidetracked!!!
    I was thinking about Jedi Masters who always travel with a Padewan, and i was wondering why there is no dedicated craft for them to use together? A republic consular ship seems overkill and the Jedi Starfighter/Interceptor doesn't have room.
    This got me thinking about Anakin and Obi-Wan taking two Eta-2 Interceptors to rescue Palpatine.
    How did they intend to get him out???
    It made me think about a variant of the Jedi Interceptor that could hold two people...
    So i came up with this:

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    The Twin Pod Eta Interceptor? Cool.

    I think that as Jedi, they used the starfighters they had to get through the CIS lines, and they planned to "borrow" a ship from the CIS once they boarded The Invisible Hand to get Palpatine out - lest they just took command of the entire Invisible Hand (which they did in the movie because all the Niemoidians fled and they defeated Dooku and Grievous (or he fled anyway).

    In any event, the Republic Fleet would defend an escaping CIS ship the Jedi captured.


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