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    I like the animated but only for the Clone Wars since it was...well...animated. Anything else would be EU to me and you know my utter distaste for EU.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    I hear what you're saying, I just don't think this show will be all that successful...I don't see it taking off in popularity, so I doubt Hasbro will pursue that angle. But we shall see, my friend.

    Yes we shall. If the popularity of the previous cartoon was any indication though and the ensuing clamoring for more figures from that cartoon, then I think it's going to last a bit longer than people might expect.

    Time will tell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Slanted Powers View Post
    Why would they make animated figures from movies that weren't animated? Other than ones that were also in the comics, I don't see the point.

    It's the trend now and another way for Hasbro to cash in.

    Look at Pirates. They're figures were realistic, now they've gone animated. Heck we've got maquettes for SW that are animated versions of OT characters and there is NO cartoon for them. So Hasbro making this change is a distinct possibility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by decadentdave View Post
    Why don't they make animated style characters from the classic trilogy like Han, Leia and Luke? I'd buy that for a dollar.
    Shh, please no offense, but I among many other collectors just don't want to see that clogging up the pegs when there are still many more characters to be made in the realistic style.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal View Post
    Shh, please no offense, but I among many other collectors just don't want to see that clogging up the pegs when there are still many more characters to be made in the realistic style.
    That's exactly how I feel.

    I unfortunately think they'll do it eventually so they can just make every figure all over again but in cartoon style. Sad but true.
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    An animated OT line of super-articulated figures? What an awesome idea! I'd buy those!

    Seriously I would. I like the look of the CW Clonetroopers and will probably display my AT-TE with those instead of the realistic SL versions. The action features are the only thing killing my interest in this line (I was actually a big fan of the 2003-04 animated CW line, I didn't like the realistic CW figures at all).

    While this animated style might be the death of collecting for some, the expanded focus on the Expanded Universe is the death of collecting for me. I want nothing to do with these ridiculous novel, video game, and comic book characters.

    Sooooo, the animated styling is cool, the comic packs suck!

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    I guess I should qualify my remarks to say that it would depend on how well the figures are made. The Mighty Muggs are an animated style, but they look like garbage. But, if we we're talking about super-articulated 3 3/4" versions of something along the lines of the Gentle Giant animated statues, then I would be all for it.

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    Rabble, rabble, rabble, rabble!!!

    Seriously, why do you guys insist on assuming that a line of animated style action figures are geared toward any of you at all? This is obviously a line of toys geared toward kids.

    If you're not into the idea of collecting action figures based on animated characters, that's one thing, but to get all weird about the concept, and to make bold assumptions about how popular it will be based on your own collecting habits, is just silly.

    Hasbro seems to be doing as much as they can to cater to as many differnet kinds of collectors as possible. Sure, maybe they're trying to jump on too many bandwagons at once, but you can't blame them for wanting to run with the whole "animation" idea at this point.

    There isn't jack-s*** out there right now to get the kids excited, other than Transformers, and that's been handled very poorly. Once this new cartoon drops, I have a feeling that most of you will be shocked by how big it is.

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    I don't think there'll be any problems with these animated-style figures selling, though I won't be buying any of them.

    The only Clone-themed items I plan on buying are some ARCs from the Order 66 packs. I'm also passing on the AT-TE. Just no room in my collection for such a big, non-iconic vehicle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticfetish View Post
    Once this new cartoon drops, I have a feeling that most of you will be shocked by how big it is.
    I won't be shocked by it at all. I expect it to start out very strong.
    However my fear is that Hasbro will look at that and use it as a reason to make the whole line animated in style.

    I look at the big picture and what I'm seeing is that Hasbro is trying to cash in on another style knowing some collectors will follow suit. I understand that with regards to the cartoon, but NOT in the main line. And as I already outlined it previously in this thread, they've already tested the waters with we collectors to see if we'd bite on it and we did. As I also mentioned they've introduced more of these hybrids into the regular line.

    To me it's as if they (Hasbro) are deliberately trying to alienate much of the collecting community, knowing there will be some collectors who will go with it and others who won't.

    It's a very risky move and one I think that is going to ultimately backfire on them and consequently us too.

    I understand the animated figs aren't geared specifically towards adult collectors. They are just representations of what's in the show. By adding action features to most of them, it's readily apparent that they are geared towards kids. Fine and dandy, just don't do that to the whole line and don't alienate we collectors who have been with the line for the 30 years prior to now.

    As much as Hasbro says we collectors do not drive the SW toy market, I'm willing to bet that if we bailed in large numbers, Hasbro would sit up and take notice, especially if it hits them in wallet.
    Move along, move along


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