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    General Kenobi in Clone Armor (AKA the 'Holy Smokes' thread)

    Wow - the armor era has begun!
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    Looks good....can I have my AOTC Obi-Wan now?

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    Oh yeah!!!! I'm all over this one!
    Just when I was thinking about making one out of the Sideshow Obi-Wan and Hasbro Clone parts.
    A holo Cody too!

    Thanks for the heads-up AmanaMatt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post
    Thanks for the heads-up AmanaMatt

    Quote Originally Posted by jedibear View Post
    Looks good....can I have my AOTC Obi-Wan now?
    Probably will be a while, but I am sure they will get to him.

    What I especially love on this piece is how good the armor looks - he is up for preorder this Friday guys.
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    I have a feeling that armor will be white-spray-painted shell plastic like their Endor trooper helments...only white. Gorgeous-looking fig., but the armor may not be as pliable as what Medicom does with RAH line. I'm afraid it's going to end up on the more brittle side. Hope I'm wrong.
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    My friend who buys the Medicom stuff said this figure is made from the Medicom stuff which SideShow distributes. They just slapped a new headsculpt on it to make it Obi-Wan and changed some things with the Jedi robes.

    I don't think this one was on my wish list, but now that I'm seeing it, I'm very tempted to getting him. So I probably will.

    Right now I'm gathering strength to resist him. But you never know.

    EDIT: CRAP! Obi-Wan looks great but he's not on my list. I'd have no figures to display this one with and since I'm a "display person" and not a collector, I'll just have to forgo ordering him and admire him whenever I see him in someone else's collection.
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    The Medicom armor is a smaller scale than SSC's bodies, it wouldn't fit properly, there would be a lot of gaps.
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    Tycho, your friend is very much mistaken...

    Check out the release announcement video over at Sideshow...this is a new body developed by Sideshow specifically for armored characters. He doesn't get real detailed, but my guess is the emphasis is on articulation instead of bulk so that the armor appears to fit more snugly to the body instead of being oversized like the Hasbro figures appeared.
    And jonthejedi...I don't think the armor itself will be just white-sprayed plastic (!), but molded white plastic...yes, harder than standard PVC (again mentioned in the video) but it will allow for better, sharper detail. Sounds good to me...

    I'll display him dueling Assaj...I think he'll look pretty cool!

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    I have most of Medicom's RAH SW line. Unlike the softer, rubbery plastic(read flimsy) that Hasbro used, Medicom's trooper line utilizes a harder, but still pliable plastic. I'm envisioning Sideshow's armor is going to be more resiny to the touch, with the color sprayed on. Course, I don't know for sure. It's still a damn nice Obi figure, and I'll probably get it Friday.
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    According to the vid, Sideshow is utilizing an ABS plastic instead of PVC...
    Is that what medis are constructed from (don't have one myself...)


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