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    Anybody else find their interest diminishing?

    I find myself being less and less interested these days. I used to buy a lot of stuff and now I pick up a few figures here and there and am actually leaving some behind. The completist in me is dead (except for vintage).

    Here is a list of reasons I think:
    -lack of sales at stores like Target. I can't remember the last time I saw a sale at TRU or Target or whatever. Even the 2007 thanksgiving sales pretty much left out Star Wars when usually each year there are a few good sales going.
    -boring figures. I understand we are at a point now where the need to be doing hashes and EU figures like crazy but enough is enough. Some are very cool but it's not the same if you've never seen them in the movie. I myself don't read the comic books or novels so those figures do nothing for me. I imagine it's the same for most of the buying public.
    -finally maturing I guess. Buying toys will always have the immature, childish stigma and I know that. I guess I just finally realize that I don't have to buy every figure or every vehicle that gets released. I mean 1/4 of my house if full of star wars toys now and 95% are out of sight.

    What about you? Anybody share this revelation?

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    My intrest is at a all time peak, but my dissapointment in some figures (The Clone Wars) is also at a high. Don't get me wrong i think hasbro's making the right call in the launch of the new animated line, but it's just not for me...(Which it's not supposed to be.)

    Another thing i hear more and more that aggitates me as a collector and a star wars fan, is why do a lot of star wars fans hate anything that's not movie realted? Don't fans like yourself read the here and there novel? Play a video game everyonce in a while? Induldge in the kid and read a comi or graphic novel? What i'm saying is how many more characters are there to crusade for now that Yarna and Willrow will be coming out? What's the next logical aproach for the line and for the franchise...It's called EU. The movies have came and gone, and the characters, the ideas, and ETC live on in other forms of least for now.

    But if your intrest in Star Wars is slowly going the way of the Do-Do, then maybe you should try entertaing yourself with the saga through other mediums...It worked for me.

    And as far as sales go at major outlets...what do you expect? Star Wars still sales. (In my area is still goes faster than Transformers and Spidey...but it's not number one that's GI Joe.) So why should these chains reduce or have sales on items that they can sale for my profit?

    Maturing...Wow...must be nice! My girl Friends waiting on me to do the same thing, but she realized that's never going to happen when my eyes lit up like a five year old when i seen the Indiana Jones lego stuff! (Which is sweet by the way!)

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    My interest is diminishing. If the Feds keep cutting rates, it'll keep on diminishing.

    Sinscia, I don't think most people have a predisposed hatred of EU. Most people who don't like it have some reason to do so. Some didn't like the Thrawn novels or SOTE and never went further. Some saw ridiculous things like Greedo being ground up into a drink for Jabba, or Dengar being Boba Fett's best man, or IG-88 becoming the second Death Star and stopped.

    The comics have always been far below the level of quality that they should be. Yeah, there have been a few great ones, but, overall, Star Wars comics are below average. They should be great. It's an amazing franchise, and there are awesome writers and artists out there who could do incredible things with it. Instead, we get carp like, well, pretty much anything Dark Horse has produced since 1999 that didn't star Ki-Adi or take place during the Clone Wars. And how the hell do you have a crossover that spans 4,000 years? That's like "Gilgamesh meets The Fifth Element."

    Personally, I make no bones about it. I still follow non-comic EU set prior to the time of Legacy. I consider Legacy to be spitting on what the films established, and horribly written to boot (novels and comics).

    But Last of the Jedi? I hope they change their minds and that series goes on forever. I'd be happy if only Jude Watson, Timothy Zahn, Mike Stackpole, Matthew Stover, and Jim Luceno were writing every Star Wars book from this point on. (Karen Traviss was interesting at first, but her "one novel under many names" and tendency to put in a lot of totally boring made-up Mandalorean words got old fast.)
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    Sh*t, my interest is on life support and I'm thinking of pulling the plug.
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    Well, there's definitely a lot less that I want to buy in 2008 then there was in 2006 & 2007, but that's more just a case of me having a version of most characters that I am satisfied with. I really only need a few more key figs, then I'm done, so I was close to being done before the Toy Fair announcements that have everyone in a tizzy. I'll probably only buy 5-10 figures a year going forward -- kind of on a "I like what I see" basis.

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    My interest level varies from year to year and the last two years it was pretty high since we got alot of great army building figures. This year, as far as 3 3/4 figures go, my interest is on the downside since there is alot of EU being released. That doesn't mean that I hate EU, its just hard to get stoked about a particular figure when you don't know anything about it. Plus I really don't have alot of time to play video games or read the novels to get to know the characters.

    As far as vehicles go, its very high. The AT-TE, of course, is the one I'm most excited about along with the Homing Spider Droid. I recently got the AT-AP and Greivous's Starfighter, both excellent vehicles IMO.

    Its alright to get away from the collecting game for awhile. It can allow you to rediscover what you really enjoyed about collecting in the first place. And if it doesn't, you can focus on other aspects of your collection like diorama building.

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    Hmm. Yes, I think it is. I'm seeing less and less I want to get each year and finding better things to spend my money on. I personally doubt Hasbro will be able to keep this line alive for another 10 years.

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    It has diminished greatly since 2005, but that's because there's less and less stuff that I want. But it's not gone, as I got excited today when I found the Jedi Evolutions pack. And I am really excited about the Yarna wave. But since the line has taken on a more EU direction, I find it less stressful to collect, as the figures from the movies are more spread out.
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    I'm kinda in the same boat as you, Grievous. Weird thing is, I was an avid supporter of EU for years and years, and we're finally getting EU figures, but it's almost all recent garbage and Marvel stuff that should've been forgotten (mostly just so they can re-use molds ad nauseum). Sure, I get a Talon Karrde and (maybe) C-3PX out of it, but the majority doesn't interest me.

    And I am officially Clonetroopered out.
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