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    Lightbulb New Forums Platform Coming Soon!

    We will be debuting a new forums platform in the very near future. The current platform (vBulletin) just isn't up to par anymore. vBulletin use to be the best but ever since one of the original developers left to start a competing platform (Xenforo - which will be the new platform); it just has gone downhill in both performance and features (in my opinion). Don't worry though... all of the data will be migrated to the new platform.
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    Will the new platform have live fish in it? (younglings, that one is worth a high-five, my man!)
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    As long as all data is being carried over (Senator status, avatar/profile pics, posts, PMs, signature lines, login passwords, etc.) and it means the end of the "board is down for routine maintenance" messages on an every other day basis I'm all for it.
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