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    What figures were the best looking from POTF2 to Saga

    1. Admiral Ackbar POTF 2
    2. AT ST driver POTF2
    3. Death Star Gunner POTF2
    4. Gamorrean guard(s) POTF 2 or Original Trilogy Collection
    5. Ree Yees POTF2
    6. Aunt Beru POTF2
    7. Piett POTF2 the only figure to show up for this line and not the others
    8. C3PO junkpile- POTF2 removeable limbs C3PO and Cloud City escape Chewie with lightup eyes junkpile C3PO
    9. Ishi Tib- POTF2

    as you can see some of the good characters are still stuck with one figure in the Power of the Force 2 line. No awkward bended arms. Just good figures with two straight arms and straight legs with them not bended or anything

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    Bossk and Mara Jade were the two best of the POTF2 line, hands down.
    That's my jacket!

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    oh yeah i forgot.

    POTF2 Bespin Luke and Carbonite block Han. the Carbonite Han figure is ok but I think the carbonite block is the best looking accessory while the newer ones aren't so great


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