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    Question Well the Royal guard be in action in AOTC... ?

    Asking cause I see they've slated the new Royal Guard figure for the AOTC waves... And seems to hold his sword in action... ???

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    that figure's got some of that happy blue gummi crud on the pike. That might be a pretty good indicator...
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    Hasbro added a play feature, in case you want to re-create a scene where they're protecting Palpatine against political radicals. Or a drunk Valorum.
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    I hope to see a Royal Guard in action, probably not in Episode II but hopefully in Episode III...
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    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    I have no idea if they will see action in AOTC, but I am reminded that a scene of a shocking guard was cut from ROTJ. George is known for reusing/recycling old ideas.

    Here's a pic if interested . . . .


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