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    Anyone have problems with figs from HTS lately?

    I ordered six figs from Wave 8, and my order came in this weekend. I open up the box, and only five figures in there, even though I was charged for six. The missing figure is the Kashyyk trooper, of which I already have two from last year, so it's not a big deal figure-wise, but $$-wise, I'm gonna have to call them and hope they'll credit my account. This is especially bothersome since I've never had trouble with them before.
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    I've only had that problem once. On my very first order with them. Ever since they've been spot on. Though cards get a little warped sometimes. Thankfully I'm not a carded collector or that would be a problem.
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    I had that happen to me. They were sold out of the fig ordered at that point. They offered me credit or to ship the figure wen it came back in stock. I waited for the figure(Imp officer from the Legends line). I would have taken the credit but I ordered it with that 25% off code and free shipping, so credit wasnt even enough for another figure
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    I ordered fifteen figures from them once, and got a box. It just had a Jerjerrod and some packing material. And a note that said, "We got yo' money, and ain't nothin' you can do about it! Burrrrrrrrn!!!!!"

    I would've complained, but it was hand-delivered by a large Hasbro employee named Guido who punched me in the belly.

    After that happened twice, I've not ordered from them again.
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    I've that happen to me twice, once for General Mcquiare and Padme in bondage gear I had to call them and then they credited my account...a little painful but it happens.

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I had read on another board several months back of someone who ordered several GI Joe figs, got two completely unrelated toys instead, and several responses on that thread claiming HTS wouldn't be of any help, cuz of no proof, etc. Glad to hear of some positive stories out of this, and thankfully it's a figure that I already got the last time around.
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    I've had two shipments lately, but they've been OK.
    However, the Obi-Wan I got today has a head that won't fit - it won't stay on. I don't know if this is a common problem or not. I swapped his head with Pilot Obi-Wan & it works. But I don't want to get another if that one will have the same problem.
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    Update #1 - I called yesterday and explained the situation. The operator tells me that it could still be coming in a separate package (I highly doubt that), and due to policy I'll have to wait until the 10th before they can either issue a credit or send a new figure. Hopefully this will work out, because these days gettin lucky on HTS is about my best shot to land the new SW and GI Joe figs...and seeing as how they seem to go online when I'm at work during the day (and can't access the site), even that is a tossup.
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    My package came with all figures in there, though the Tri Droid's card was VERY bent (it actually retook a flat shape a few hours later, but by then I had ripped the bubble off the card).

    A buddy's HTS order came the same day as mine, I ordered it for him a few mins after mine because he was out, and I tried to get him 2 Kashyyyk troopers but it wouldn't let me. However, in the box there was indeed 2 Kashyyyk troopers, he was thrilled... I bet they got sloppy with these orders and did that sort of thing to a few customers. Your order slip should have everything in the box marked off by an employee, if it's on there they should have included it in the box and goofed. This "it's coming later" claim sounds like utter crap.
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    I see it's not just me. I ordered 4 figs on the 21st and got 3 on the 1st. I called and they told me to wait till the 7th before calling again. I don't think they shipped it separately; they charged me for everything and the invoice says "UNITS = 4" in a box at the top. They'll be hearing from me Friday. I want my panning droid!


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