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    Who's up for a game of Dejarik?

    What follows is a reprint of part of a post made to the old forums as one of my "Wish Lists". The post speaks for itself. Since it was part of a larger list, I feel the idea as a whole got lost in the shuffle. Please feel free to comment on this particular take on some unusual creatures of the Star Wars Universe.

    The Dejarik Chess Playset/Assortment - Part of the idea of the floor panel mentioned above was the result of an earlier idea and a long-time part of my wish list. Since Hasbro appears to be listening (and casting about for ideas if the "Super Deformed" figures are any indication), here is something that many a collector has dreampt of for years. Essentially the same idea as the Jedi Council sets, an assortment of figures packaged with part of the base. I know the temptation here is to cast the creature figures in translucent plastic with light paint highlights to give the colors, but in reality I think that the richness of the chess piece characters would be lost to that effect. It would be better to approach them like any other figures, with a paint job that shows the colors of each as they appeared in reality, and let the "holographic" nature of the characters be a given, not something that has to be beaten into the ground. Release an assortment of groupings of the creatures from the Dejarik table with individual plates that make up the game board. Make the figures about the same size as the existing 3.75" line so that in addition to being playable/displayable as the "chess set", these unique characters can also be used with the figures. I don't know how many of you were kids in the 70's and 80's, but I started collecting in 1977 with the Early Bird Set at the age of 12 and only stopped when Kenner stopped making the toys. My point? When I was a kid, my friends and I would play Star Wars sometimes but more often than not we would create our own adventures, often having nothing to do with Star Wars at all. The more things that are scaled to interact with the regular figure line, the better! And like the Jedi Council Chamber sets, the finished board could be hung on the wall or displayed flat.

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    I think it's a great idea since I've always loved big ol' monsters. The thing I've always liked about the film creature designs is that they look like animals that could actually exist, including the Dejarik aliens. It'd be great for making up bizarre alien worlds without having to resort to creatues fom another toy line, or the same old SW creatures over and over.
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    A special thanks to Big Barada for getting the point of this post outside of the obvious. Such an assortment would work on multiple levels. From both the Dejarik Chess set standpoint and from the standpoint of having genuine STAR WARS creatures that are to scale with your other figures. How cool is that?!

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    Actually...I think it would be cool if these sets came with a set of instructions on how to play the game as well. That would just add another level of playability to these particular figures.
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    A couple of Cinema scenes and deluxe figures would make these guys pretty cool. The only problem is that when i picture some on them, the one that ends up winning the game for R2, is about the size of the Rancor. If that is true then i guess the cinema scenes and deluxe won't work.
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    Apart from the "reality" of these creatures backstory, I fail to see why it would be thought that any of them would be the size of the Rancor. The proposed set would render the creatures as figures in a 3.75" scale but their relative size to one another would be equal to that as seen on the game board itself, NOT relative to the size of such beasts in the "wild" (from the standpoint of their existance in the Star Wars Univerese). Sure some of these creatures would have been far larger than each other (I believe one was proported to be quite tiny), but on the Dejarik board they were all roughly the same size. That is rather the point of making a set or sets of this kind. The actual size of the figures themselves (that is to say the articulated, plastic figures that make up a Hasbro released playset) would be to scale with each other relative to their scale on the gameboard as it appears in the movie in such a way that the tallest would be roughly 4" to 4.5" in height. This would make them playable with the existing figures, if not quite to "backstory" scale with the characters themselves. The purpose of a Dejarik Chess Set series of figures and gameboard would be defeated by a Rancor-sized character pitted against a few Deluxe, standard, and even "accessory" sized pieces. I felt my point was quite clear in the original post, so I hope this clears things up a bit.

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    I actually have a reason why i think one of the creatures is considered huge in my mind. In ROTJ for SNES, it was one of the creatures that had to be battled, and it was big. Just an observation, does not mean it was right, but it could be. Still, they would be cool to see made in plastic. I am down for the line.
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    The Mantallian Savrip (the big guy) would probably be about the size of Muftak or Ephant Mon. Maybe a tad bigger. If he was packed in with the really small guy, then it would all even out.

    I would really like to know how to play djerak also. I'm suprised no one has ever sat down and tried to come up with "rules" for it. heck, they came up with rules for sabacc, and they invented languages for Huttese and the other languages.

    This would make an interesting video game that could tie in with the toys, too. C'mon Hasbro, you're missing out on ALL THESE GREAT IDEAS!
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    The only way to do this is 4" holographic. And from Hasbro's track record, it's not going to look so great.

    In ROTJ for SNES, it was one of the creatures that had to be battled, and it was big.

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