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    Super Battle Droids
    Battle Droids
    Deluxe Destroyer Droids
    Clone Troopers
    Royal Guards
    Female Tusken Raiders
    Clone Children

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    Super Battle Droids
    Battle Droids
    Royal Guards

    However, when I say an army I mean like three or four, never more.
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    I'm going to build a one man army and kick Hasbro in the butt for screwing up the STARWARS line!! Just kidding
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    If I were to go for Clonetroopers, I'd definitely go for the plain white and dirty preview figure........the red and white one looks flat out stupid.
    Andy Smith

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    An army of Anakin Skywalker, outland peasant disguise figures because that's all the frickin figures that we're gonna see in the UK

    And if I can find them online I'll have an army of R3-T7 and R4-M9.

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    ahh don't worry Jango you'll get Other Skywalkers Patince young......Moderator........ in time it shall come to you
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