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    What do you drive, and does Vader ride with you?

    I've accumulated a number of favorite Star Wars figures in my truck lately, and was wondering if it was peculiar to me or if any others here took some of their figures with them. Then I got to wondering what everyone else drives.

    I have a 1994 Ford F-150 that I bought in 1996 when it had 25,000 miles. Now it has 185,000 miles and is still going strong. It's white, or really a dirty white, as I haven't washed it since sometime around the last presidential election. The interior is blue, with a noticeable darker blue stain on the carpet where a Wendy's baked potato landed (upside down) when I had to make a sudden stop once, sometime around 1998, I think. I haven't tried eating a baked potato while driving since then. It's been a great truck. The Ford-bashers can kiss my bumper, 'cause my pickup has driven me across the country and moved me around more times than I can remember, and put more miles between Jackson, MS and the Gulf Coast than I am comfortable thinking about.

    Anyway, about five or six years ago I affixed some velcro tape to the dash and to an action figure stand, and have had one of my figures up there ever since. Lately it's usually the OTC Yoda, or an Evolutions Sandtrooper, or a Saga AT-AT Driver. Gradually figures have ended up in the glove box or on the bench by my daughter's car seat. Finally, last month I bought a plastic school pencil/crayon box to keep my vehicle figures in, so that right now there's a VTSC Tusken, OTC Yoda, AT-AT Driver, VTSC Snowtrooper, ARC Trooper Alpha, Saga C-3PO (Endor), and Evolutions Vader. I like looking at them when I'm stuck in line at the bank, or at a particularly long traffic light. I try not to let it get in the way of safe driving. I don't use a cell phone anywhere, much less in the truck, but my figures are distracting enough when I'm stopped that sometimes I get honked at when a light turns green and I'm fiddling with Alpha's helmet.

    Nobody else I know does this. I find it to be calming, a little bit of home and Star Wars in the middle of my long workdays. I suppose it's the equivalent of having one's figures in their office cubicle, but I don't really have my own personal area at work.

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    I am currently driving a 1998 Dodge Durango. I bought it from my dad with over 200,000 miles on it. I used to have a lot of Star Wars stickers promoting both Star Wars and the 501st costuming club. Those were on my 2000 Plymouth Neon. But one day I was driving along, and I blew a piston rod. My credit wasn't up to par, so I went to my Dad, who sold me his Durango. He took very good care of it, and it runs smooth even with all those miles on it. I am afraid to put ant more promotional stickers as my dad does not care for Star Wars the way I do. I do have the one frog from "Flushed away" on my dash board. I would like to have some SW figure, but I wouldn't want it to get faded by the sunlight.
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    I've got a '97 Grand Am and I have a Yoda toy (from the Special Edition Taco Bell toys, IIRC) in the back window.
    After a decade now hes pretty sun bleached and he hasn't brought me any luck, but there he sits in every car I've ever had.
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    2001 Ford (cli)Taurus and no action figures, be they Star Wars or Buddy Christ.

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    2000 Honda Civic. I don't have any evidence of my Star Wars fandom on it. Though if I buy a particularly cool action figure, I will sometimes open it and stand it in the little hutch where the speedometer is on the drive home.
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    Drive a 90 Buick, had a bunch of SW air freshners in it until about 3 weeks ago. Nothing else SW
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    I've got a white 99 Passat that still runs as well as when I got it in '99. The only SW things I have in it are a few titaniums I haven't gotten around to bringing in the house yet. The only decoration I've put on my car is my VT alumni license plate holder and a VT window sticker.

    I have seen a car in my area with Virginia vanity plates that says MTFBWY. I see it a couple times a year and it always makes me smile.

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    I drive a 2003 Honda Civic figures have graced my dashboard yet though.
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    Since 2001 (pre- Sep. 11, BTW), I've had a pair of kids' size 3 Darth Vader shoes in my back window with an American flag in each Velcro strap. They've made it through my first car (1990 Mazda Protege), a roll-over accident (2003 Saturn L200), and now my 2005 Saturn ION. No figs, however.
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    [FONT=Arial]2005 Renault Megane Dynamique DCi 1.9 Saloon. Though getting the 2008 model next April.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial]U[/FONT]nfortunately I don't drive. our car is driven my partner who has banned any sort of toy from the car. besides the fluffy dice hanging behind the front seats and the Gromit stuck to the rear view window. but gromit is also an air freshener so that's why he's allowed. I'll be interested actually to see what i can sneak into the car over the summer. a. to see if the dog can resist eating it and b. to see if it stays where I put it or gets moved back indoors. I'll update y'all.


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