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The link opened fine. Was I mistaken with my post somehow?
I should rename myself B-CJ... Barely-Confused Just. You got it fine, Slick. It was these gentle queries:

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What? I don't get this? Should I wish you a happy birthday TeeEye? Well I do wish you well and many great days ahead of you.

But now I'm confused. I have no idea whether it is really your birthday or if we all missed that.
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Happy birthday.
... that prompted my own question about whether they were unable to read/open the link.

TeeEye7, noted SSG Forumite, celebrated a birthday earlier in the year 2009, ironically on the very date he was born. Apparently, we neglected to mention said birthday greetings near that date; for that, I am quite sorry. T.I., "noted" rap artist, will be in a cell soon for a weapons charge. I thought it would be "funny" or "humorous" (perhaps even across-the-pond "humourous" ) to post an article and see if others would think it was our TI7, whose job also requires him to carry weapons (legally), instead. You may commence laughter... now.

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Ha. Ha ha.
Oh, and happy reee-heee-hee-heeeally belated b'day greetings, username TeeEye7.