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    First time I paid under $4 per ($3.93 at Costco) in some time, and lines were pretty long there. Haven't noticed any other stations that "low," but prices have been dropping bit by bit.
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    Same price at the same place as last time; thought I'd try to beat the Memorial Day price spikes. Some other stations around here have dropped a few cents by the next day (one off the freeway from school is about $.10 less than Friday was).
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me View Post
    Down 2 cents to $3.599
    That wasn't exactly the case JJB, I saw it went down those 2 cents at one gas station and I presumed the others would follow suit but that didn't happen the price stayed the same until the other day when it went up 4 cents to $3.659

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    Same price at a different place. Prices are holding steady, with some stations dropping or raising a couple cents here and there (but most still over four bucks).
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Two cents more than last time, even though in checking online the price was a cent lower at $3.95 than the published cost. Few stations showing under $4, even with ca$h price$.
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    Same station down to $3.91 (while most are going up around here), but it being their customer appreciation day, I also got a free 22oz drink (or, free gas with about a $30 soda)!
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    Filled the tank for $47 here in OK to start the trek back west today. It took over $81 to fill it when we left Cali three weeks ago...
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