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    I have a company car so that I can respond to "protect and serve" the public. I pay $50 per month out of my own pocket for the "privilege" of providing quick service to my community from my house (we're on call A LOT!) and to help offset maintenance and fuel costs. I've been hit with one price increase already since having the car for less than a year, and I'm bracing for the next.
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    Stupid gas was $4.25 yesterday at the cheapest station in the area. And naturally my tank is at 1/3rd, I almost stopped and bought anyway but I had work I wanted to get home to do. Probably gonna be $4.50 by the time I get back out there.
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    Paid $3.83 the other day....but have seen it jump to $3.99
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    At the corner station, they just have a sign that says, "Bend over."
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    Paid the $4.23 cash price at ARCO today. The station closest to my house has had the same price for three consecutive days. Really! Well, the price is $4.37.
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    I paid the most I've ever paid for gas today: $4.40/gal.
    I put $20 in and got just over 4½ gallons. Pretty sad.
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