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    One ARCO I often buy from was $3.999 today, which was down four cents from the last time I drove by there. My last refueling was Sunday morning at Fred Meyer. I paid $3.839 after my 15 cent discount, to that would have made the price there $3.989.

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    Long line at Costco today for $4.22 gas. That's two towns over, of course (the closest good-sized city). Here, it's $4.45 at Arco.
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    I found a little gas station at the bottom of a hill (really) that also has signs for broaster chicken (really really) that was $4.25 (really really rea- ... you get the picture).
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    The stations around here have been steady, either in their over-priceness (I'd estimate it averages around $4.35) or rising rates. But I found a grocery station at $4.19, though, today.
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    Stations around here dropped a few cents to $4.23. I filled up the other day, 11 gallons nearly $50, first time I've ever put that much wallet into my tank.
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    On my trip from here to Salinas and San Jose (and back)...

    - the total trip time was around 40 hours, and I drove over 810 miles
    - cheapest gas seen was $4.05 (in SJ)
    - most outrageous seen was $5.04 (somewhere on US-101N, where I immediately got back on the road )
    - bought gas at $4.69 (highest price I've ever paid per gallon in my life ), $4.46, $4.39, and $4.23
    - averaged about 31 MPG for the trip (not too bad)

    At home, filled up at $4.19.
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    It seems $4.19 is the best deal around; today's was from Costco (realized I still had money on the cash card), and the line was only 5-pages-read long.
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