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    Oh My Goodness!!

    I know this will come as no big surprise to anyone, but I went out this morning and had had to put gas in my car. $3.28 a gallon. Never gone above $3.19 before today. We all knew it was coming anyway, and I know those of you in the west and some in the south have seen worse, but I just thought I'd ask everyone what a gallon is going for on average in your part of the country/world these days.

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    $3.49 here, and I'm going to have to start siphoning at this point.
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    We're at 1.05 per litre right now. Assuming the money's equal - and it's been pretty close lately - that's $3.99 per gallon. Not good.

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    I get gas at Costco, a warehouse store like Sam's Club, where it's often 10-20 cents less than regular stations. It's $3.45 around here (I got it for $3.27 a few days ago) at those stations.

    One thing I have yet to do is put more than $30 in my tank at one time. Solution? Get gas more frequently (no less than half a tank used up). That will probably end soon.
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    $3.19 for me. Though since I belong to a fuel rewards program through my local grocery store, I often pay much less than the going rate.

    I get 10 cents of PER GALLON, for every $50 I spend there. Not just groceries either, but gift cards for MANY different retailors. TRU included. On average I save 40 cents per gallon due to food purchases and gift cards. On an 18 gallon tank, that's an average of $7.20. So 2 1/3 gallons free basically.

    Last August in preperation for Halo 3 I bought the limited edition Halo XBox360. I got it from Best Buy, but first stopped at my grocery store to get $500 in gift cards. It just so happened the gift cards were DOUBLE fuel points to boot, so that saved me $2.00 per gallon right there. I already had 70 cents off per gallon. So, at $2.70 off per gallon and gas being $2.76 at the time, I ended up only paying $1.00 TOTAL for a full tank of gas! (I even took a picture for proof.)

    It's an excellent fuel program for consumers and yet somehow the grocery store makes money from it.
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    Gas is going for about $1.49 a liter over here in Japan which comes out to about $4.50 a gallon.
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    I have been paying 3.19 for gas the last week or so.
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    A little over $3.35 per gallon for regular, but I've seen it at nearly $4 for premium.

    Even better, I have an oil burning furnace in my house, so I pay pretty much the same as the going rate for deisel... around $3.70 per gallon. (I'm really looking forward to summer at this point.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticfetish View Post
    (I'm really looking forward to summer at this point.)
    I think we all are. Though by then gas is suppose to be over $4.00 for just the regular.

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    I don't use gas; Al Gore farts directly into my tank and my car runs like a dream.
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