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$3.19 for me. Though since I belong to a fuel rewards program through my local grocery store, I often pay much less than the going rate.

I get 10 cents of PER GALLON, for every $50 I spend there. Not just groceries either, but gift cards for MANY different retailors. TRU included. On average I save 40 cents per gallon due to food purchases and gift cards. On an 18 gallon tank, that's an average of $7.20. So 2 1/3 gallons free basically.
You've got to love Giant Eagle. We may start shopping there (it's on the way home from work) rather than the Giant that is closer to home just for the gas savings.

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I have been paying 3.19 for gas the last week or so.

Blacksburg/Christiansburg always seems to have the cheapest gas in the state. I always stop at the Sheets in Christiansburg to top off the tank on my way to my Dad's house.

I paid $3.27 a gallon yesterday for regular at Costco here in Frederick, MD. My manual says my car should only have premium, but that's cutting into my action figure money so I've switched without any noticable differences.