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    [FONT=Courier New]I finally saw the first sub $2.00 price here in Portland yesterday. $1.999 at a local truck stop near my office.[/FONT]
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    $1.79 is the cheapest I've seen.... though there are a few stations on the other side of town that have $1.69.
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    Family member forwarded a story from OH about Columbiana Cnty gas for $1.59 per. Here, saw $2.19 at the fairly-above average freeway off-ramp station today, so it could be ought-nine at Costco by now.
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    $1.62 here! Went from E to F for $24; or about 14.7 gallons. Hopefully it'll keep dropping. I'd like to get a full tank for under $15.

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    $1.97 at Costco last night.
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    Saw $1.99 at a combo 76/car wash yesterday.
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    Topped off my tank on the west side of Indianapolis for $1.55 a gallon this morning.

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    $1.45 is the lowest I've seen here as of this weekend, and only two stations are selling for the price. The rest are about 10 cents higher.

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    $1.899 per gallon at Arco yesterday.
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    I filled up at $1.89 yesterday at an Arco in the valley! I got out for under $25.
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