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    This is all a conspiracy:

    - maybe OPEC just wanted to f- us and prove how badly they could control our economy so they can make future demands

    - maybe oil is not even that scarce, but the US wants to keep exploiting other countries' resources and saving our own - but when we're pushed - we'll open our reserves and collapse the ill-intended efforts of OPEC

    - maybe a new world order is trying to reform our habits so that we drive less often and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The recent fuel price hikes were to teach us a lesson

    So will gas prices keep going lower? If they do, will people drive MORE? I don't see myself doing that though. But very often I am too tired nowadays.

    Will gas prices shoot back up for any of the conspiracy goals I typed out above?

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    We're in the $1.45 - $1.50 range in Michigan.
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    Saw $1.49 here the other day.
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    Tycho is dead on. With everything in the stores being bought and sold while gas prices were still high, and the comodities for food soaring, deflation is creeping in. We all earn the same, everything we need and owe increases. OPEC has just dis-incentivized the non-oil economies banding together to make alternatives to the internal combustion engine.
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    OPEC is eating it too, they're trying to slow down the slide too (for selfish reasons, of course). Speculators are doing this based on their belief (or lack thereof) in the market's strength based on the US economy being able to BUY more gas. If there was ever an argument for "the invisible hand of the market", this would seem to be it.

    I saw $1.67 yesterday.
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    It's $1.38 here, with $1.52 premium. Not that I drive, but just happened to notice it on the way home from dinner.
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    A**holes raised prices locally to $1.79 Friday. Friggin' thirty cents higher than just the day before. Prices are already dropping, I saw $1.69 at some local stations and $1.59 in neighboring towns today.

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    They did it up north here too Ji'Dai. Jumped up 20+ cents overnight, and then dropped 10 cents the next day. Still I can't really complain about $1.77 gas. Would much rather pay that than $4.00. I'll take advantage of it until it slowly creeps back up.

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    Saw $1.59 at an ARCO (cash price), but since I have a Costco card prepaid, I took their $1.61 cost. Co.
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