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    I saw $1.46 and my head popped right off.
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    Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but there has been a slight increase in prices the last couple of days around here: the stations that were around $1.65 are in the mid- to high-$1.70s now. Odd, since oil's now BELOW $40 a barrel. I'll give Costco a try in my drive-around-for-some-last-gift-ideas-and-mail-my-last-package today.
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    For Premium, which I have to use, San Diego has never gone below $2. I think it's usually around $2.09 and that's fine with me (though lower couldn't hurt ME. I'm not particularly worried about the Arabs, Russians, and Venezuelans - though I want everyone to be happy, have world peace, that sort of thing).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    I'll give Costco a try in my drive-around-for-some-last-gift-ideas-and-mail-my-last-package today.
    The gas lines weren't all that long (I have a right-side gas cap, so I can usually enter that side pump easier than the longer left-side lines), and I finally pumped in $1.59 gas.
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    Prices seem to have settled at $1.55 regionally. Though I'm sure that will change this weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtriv73 View Post
    I'm paying $1.79 for premium here in Maryland.
    Same price here in cloudy SoCal/Central Cal (we're considered both) when I threw in $20.00 buck's worth today.

    Some stations are flirting with the $2.00/gal. mark. Looks like the honeymoon's over, kiddies!
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    Pricing is speculative and based on many factors outside of the price of oil. In this case, it's likely the speculation that the increased demand from holiday driving will mean they can charge more.

    $1.71 seems to be the average low price around here right now... still.
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    I occasionally see $1.69, but most "low" prices are $1.73 or higher.
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    down to $1.33 here in Jersey. Whoo Hoo. keep dropping. love being able to fill my truck up for under $30 bucks.
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