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    Yet another jump yesterday to $1.89. We're up nearly 50 cents in less than a week which is a 35% jump. Strange how the price of oil has only fluctuated 10% in this time and yet the gas prices are skyrocketing. Someone's out to make some more money.
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    They're trying to slowly inch it back up until enough people complain, just to see how close they can get it to $5 again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    They're trying to slowly inch it back up until enough people complain, just to see how close they can get it to $5 again.
    I noticed that too Chux, but it's still under 2 bucks here. Funny thing is now they're saying that they may have to increase the gas tax out here. They claim it stems back to when the prices were high, and no one was driving as much. Politicians will say anything to get an extra buck out of people.

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    Still holding at $1.79 where I gas up but prices are climbing towards the $2 mark. It's just a matter of time for my station.
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    Saw 1.88 today. I think that's what I paid Saturday afternoon. It ranged from 1.93 to 1.98 last Friday.

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    Around here, it's jumped to $1.84 for the lowest I've seen.
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    $2.06 in the uber foggy central valley of California.

    And speaking of increases, the Governator has proposed a tax increase on a bottle of California wine....from 6 cents/bottle to 24 cents/bottle. With an increase like that, he should just shoot for the moon and go for the "rapper's tax" and charge 50 cent.
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    I've always liked how gas drops a penny at a time but jumps a dime at a time. I realize it's a supply issue but why should I pay $.20 more per gallon for the same gas that just cost less?
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    It's $25 a gallon here. My, how times have changed.
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    The BP where I normally fill-up at was $1.59 on Friday. Not bad...
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