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    While in AZ, saw gas for as little as $2.25, but never bought it for less than $2.49 (you never seem to need to fill up when it's the cheapest ). Here: still the high $2.70s to low $2.80s.
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    I got gas for $2.32 using my 10 cents off supermarket card, so fuel is running about $2.42-2.49 locally.
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    Found it for $2.69 at Costco yesterday. Haven't even seen anything in the $2.70s in other stations 'round these here parts.
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    Gas seems to have risen by about $0.40 over the past 10 days in the Inland Empire.
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    $2.99 today when I put $30.00 worth of go-juice in my car.

    About a month ago we purchased a Toyota Prius for my wife. We took it on its first extended trip to LA this weekend. We got 40mpg for our fledgling efforts! There are so many modes to drive this thing in that it will take us some time to figure out the best way to do business. The owner's manual sucks, but thankfully there are several Prius owner's forums on line that translate and/or cut through a the carp of the manual. (There's just no one who can do any decent tech writing any more!).
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    I shelled out $2.89 per gallon at Costco today; the lowest you can find here is about $2.99, but mostly about $3.03 or more. And yeah, Chux, I've noticed that increase here, too.
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    I filled up for $2.48 Saturday.
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    It was very interesting seeing gas prices on my CA, AZ, NM, TX, OK, MO road trip.

    Left CA paying $3.03/gal. (at home) on Sept. 7. Prices steadily declined as I traveled east. The best price was $2.32/gal. just south of Springfield, MO. The worst was at Needles, CA (no surprise there) at $3.67. When I returned home to CA this past Monday (9/15), I was greeted with $3.13/gal. for regular unleaded.

    It just shows to go ya how much tax is on each gallon of CA fuel (plus the greed factor).

    HINT: When traveling on I-40, avoid fueling at Needles, CA at all costs! The jerks at the gas station even said my year-old tires needed replacing! Yeah, right!
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    I once had a flat right at the Needles exit and was forced to pay the insane prices at the one gas station for a replacement. The guy tried to convince me that a Toyota Tercel had a very odd size tire, which is why it was so expensive, since he didn't stock them, but luckily he had four in stock. No way was I getting four; I wouldn't have gotten one except it was the only place for something like 70 miles. Cost me something ridiculous like $100 for one cheap-arse low quality tire that should've been $25. Place was worse than K-Mart.

    I've noticed in CA lately that Costco is routinely a full $0.20 cheaper than anywhere else, which leads me to believe gouging is in play again. I expect five cents or so less there, but $0.20 is a bit much. It's actually worthwhile to drive there even if we're not in the area.
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    The Costco nearest me is "only" about $.10 cheaper than the average stations. I'll $ee what it i$ tonight or tomorrow.
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