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    To my knowledge, yes, there are seasonal "mixes". At least that's what the media has been attributing some of the price differences for years when it reports fluctuations in price(gouging)s.
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    $3.38....and that really sucks!
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    I got some Costco gas a week or so back, and it was $3.13 IIRC. 'Round here, ain't no sub-$3, yeah she's gone... well, I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I kno-ow. Mostly $3.23 to $3.39.
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    Just a tad higher at Costco for $3.159 per today.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    $3.55/gal.! Zoiks! Twenty bucks got me barely 5½ gallons! Must be thanks to those Middle Easterners beating up the newsies.
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    I decided to pay $3.49 at a close Shell station instead of driving farther to Costco. Ugh.
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    I was nearer my Costco to me today, so I pumped in $3.38 per (which was about $.13-$.21 cheaper than most stations here).
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    I just put in $20 worth of $3.60/gal. on the way home from work tonight. Up 5 cents from my last post on Feb. 18. The joy of living in California's biggest oil producing county.
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    Gas station just down the road from the school: Thursday it was $3.56 for 87 octane, then Friday morning it was up to $3.61; that afternoon? $3.65.
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