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Here in OKC, I just got gas for $3.57 gallon. Looks like I have it a little easier than alot of you guys. But I find it absolutely amazing the utter lack of blame by the media on the President. If Bush was in office that is all we would hear. That it's all his fault. Their hipocracy knows no bounds. Sorry for the rant.
Well, you can't criticize this President without being branded as a racist by the media. The news organizations have turned from watchdogs into cheerleaders ever since our current President was elected and that's not a good thing for freedom in this country.

Anyways, we're up to $3.89 over here in central Illinois for unleaded, $3.99-$4.04 for premium.

I understand that it's going to take about 17 years to see any relief on oil prices if we start drilling for oil in America, but we need to start drilling right now so that the next generation isn't buying gas at $10-$15 per gallon.