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    $3.99 in my area. : (

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47150 View Post
    $3.99 in my area. : (
    Same for me.

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    Filled up at $4.17 yesterday; could've paid $.06 less with ca$h, but who ha$ that much ca$h on them?
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    Gas is now $3.66 on base but off I've seen it around $3.89. I'm sure the $4 price range for regular will hit us soon.

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    Yesterday started out at $4.149, went down to $4.099 before finishing at $4.199. Today it's $4.149.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Metalmute View Post
    Yesterday started out at $4.149, went down to $4.099 before finishing at $4.199. Today it's $4.149.
    Crazy! Well by me it went up $0.02, so the price of regular unleaded is $4.099.

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    Paid $4.11 today....only put in $20 worth though.
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    You notice how the analysts started talking about the possibility of $5 gas by year's end, and, immediately, prices started increasing at just such a rate where they'd hit $5 in December? Kinda makes you wonder, eh?

    What it really does is make me concerned that the same b-holes are saying there's a possibility of $6 gas sometime next year. Aside from the impact of what averages to a 20% annual increase, think about how that will affect inflation. No need for alternatives, right? We're all made of money.
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    What ****es me off is that its all speculation. Supplies have not been disrupted to the point that we should be talking about $5 gas. Its all a bunch of investors looking to make some $$$$ and they use whatever means to drive the price up. I'm normally a free market kinda guy, but this is just BS!!! When it gets high enough, your looking at another economic meltdown.

    By the way, it $3.89 here in Nebraska.


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