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What ****es me off is that its all speculation. Supplies have not been disrupted to the point that we should be talking about $5 gas. Its all a bunch of investors looking to make some $$$$ and they use whatever means to drive the price up. I'm normally a free market kinda guy, but this is just BS!!! When it gets high enough, your looking at another economic meltdown.

By the way, it $3.89 here in Nebraska.
It's not "all speculation." The dollar is dangerously weak right now vs. other currencies, nearing its historic lows of 2008. Takes more of 'em to buy anything when it's so weak.

I'd hardly call the oil industry a "free market" when only 4 or 5 gigantic multinational corporations are involved. They're also responsible for having certain quotas in place that kill any chance of competition, and hence, the possiblity of lower prices.

Not to mention that we're quite simply running out of the stuff. It's a finite world with finite resources, folks. Get used to it.