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    Since I needed to check Costco for some items, I figured I'd try them for gas: $3.699, but that's the same (cash only) price as many of the ARCO stations here, so they're not as cheap as they once were. Side note: the signs for the ARCOs have a small "a BP Company" logo and phrase in the corner (why would they do that to themselves?).
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    Dropped again, now its $3.519, I wonder if it'll continue to go down with the holiday coming up?

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    Its been going up since my above post, that was the low water mark, currently it is $3.699.

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    Friday it was $3.67, yesterday I had to fill up, raised 2 cents, and not just at the 1 station, all over town.

    I read that the lower gas prices had shown to be helping the economy immediately, so naturally that we're all satiated and not screaming for our damned subsidy money back from the gas companies the way we were a few weeks ago, they go and raise prices again. I don't care what political side of the spectrum you're on, that right there is just a sign that they are greedily artificially inflating the price of gas as a moneygrab, and even goofier, that their greed and shortsightedness end up hurting even the stupid greedy morons causing the problem. YOUR MONEY IS WORTH LESS THAT WAY, DUMMIES!
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    I heard the gov't released 30 million barrels from the reserve which lowered the price but foreign "concern" (or something like that) is what drove it back up.

    Anywho, in my neck of the woods it went down a nickel to $3.649

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    On the way up to Reno, NV last week, I filled up at two stations ($3.79 and $3.71). Leaving there, it was $3.63. On the drive home, I saw as high as $4.79 (!?! ) in the mountainous and desert regions, but filled up at $3.73 and $3.69. Here in SoCal, I see it's still around the $3.79-3.89 range.
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    Forget about saving that nickel I told everybody about 5 days ago, its back up to $3.699.

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    $3.77/gal. today. Finally had to get some gas for my personal car. I'm "blessed" to have a company car as I'm on call, but I still pay $50/mo. to my employer for the "privilege" of using the car. Still a good deal, as I'm not putting the wear and tear on my own car.
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    For the FIFTH time in the last week (or so) the price changed by a nickel, this time it went down to $3.649

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    Sounds like you need to put FIVE dollars down on FIVE lottery tickets (I'd choose 5 on every card) today, 7-25-11, at the gas station.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."


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