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    There have actually been stations seen with prices BELOW $4.00 per gallon 'round here. Lowest non-Coscto I've seen is $3.95.
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    I was on Springfield, MO last weekend, and the price was $3.199 at the station where we got gas.

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    Lowest I've bought at is $3.99, I was down to fumes having forgotten to fill up when I had free time earlier in the day, and was trapped for a while in Santa Monica - home of the $4.15 a gallon price - during rush hour. Was down under 3 gallons, which is still probably 40 miles, but the bottom of the tank is probably all sludge and nastiness I don't want clogging up my injectors.

    Lowest I've seen, $3.97, which I was intending to go to when I had free time that day.

    All of them have been Arco around here for the lowest prices. I kinda hate buying from BP still, but Ralphs changed their rewards and I haven't spent $100 with them in a month, so no 20-cent Shell discounts this month.
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    $3.85 by my place a couple days ago.
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    $3.38 at Lucas Automotive/Sunoco at the intersection of Bunts and Madison this morning.
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    All this doesn't matter.

    On one side, I'm losing money because my investments benefit from high price speculation on crude oil. That's my advisor choosing what I can strengthen my portfolio with. But I get a fixed living expense allotment from it while most is reinvested to keep me going as I stay home and write novels for no (current) generation of any income (aside from small amounts of pay I get for some movie appearences I make as a gunfighter stuntman type which I really do so as to network with production people since this is what I wrote my first book about and planned a 2nd novel around as well - with extensive historical research).

    But on the other side, I'm losing money every time I drive a lot - and I'm in gunfighter and Civil War re-enactments all around Southern California in a 3 hour driving radius (6 hour round trips, not to mention hotel costs, and eating out).

    It's still about $75 to fill my tank. Since I drove to Phoenix from San Diego on one tank for baseball, I know I can run for 6 hours without refilling, for highway mileage (that's approximately 18 mpg for my SUV).

    A round trip to Temecula where my gunfighters gang regularly performs is 1 hr in each direction, or 1/3 of my $75 tank, a cost of $25 for each event I participate in, not counting ammo (powder, firing caps, blank shot filler, etc.)

    I'm currently making runs to my storage facility to clear room for at least one guest for Comic Con, and it's a 20 minute drive each way (40 min. round trip).

    I have only so much capacity in my Trailblazer, so it requires a few trips (and a lot of loading and unloading hours) at 2/3 * 1 hour (40 min.) or $4.16 a trip and probably $12.48 and a bit.

    I have about $2000 a month after housing and other expenses, but starting as an author I incur a lot of other expenses for editing fees and networking conferences, travel and food, etc for that - so I spend 150% of my discretionary income there and have to cut back on toys, gas / travel, everything else including food and how I liked to eat out 21 meals a week (can't do that for a while now).

    But though these are tough times, I am working on what I do best - my writing really - also a place where my fictional characters can each represent different socio-political views that are out there of which I'm super-extremely-highly-opinionated on (why I have to write) and maybe this work will sell (I'm doing different genres and styles - as the cowboy western stuff I love is not to popular taste where publishers will buy right now - curously enough with Hatfields & McCoys, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, Steven Spielberg's Lincoln (2013 with Daniel Day-Lewis), True Grit and more, it being the 150th anniversary of our Civil War for the next 4 years (ended in 1865 so I'll let that role through to 2016 by "rounding up" a few extra months). So now I'm writing about GIRLS hunting down the treasure left over from my previous novel, in hopes the tie-in sells them both - but always my intent as both draft works were first copy-righted by me 5 years ago - along with about 8 other stories I have yet to do - they each take about a year to have professionally polished and complete).

    So in any event, I'm "broke" for a while. As I have to make due on a fixed income pretty much and the gas prices cut both ways for me: they enable that income to keep coming, and they limit what I can do with it (else I'd go to the Transformers ride at Universal Studios and spend probably over $5K on furniture to display my collection in, and much more).
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    $3.83 at that same Arco. As a semi-fixed commodity, I guess this means the US dollar is improving a little (the cost of gas isn't going down, the amount of gas we can buy for a dollar is going up), but all I know is my in-town mileage is down to 17mpg from its 21 for a reason my mechanic cannot find, while my highway mileage seems to be holding around 28, so the upshot is I need to find further places to drive.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I'm drunk right now so I guess it's good that I don't know what the gas prices are.
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