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    $3.73, not bad. I need to fuel up next trip out too, so naturally that's when the prices will skyrocket again.
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    Where I was recently on vacation, it was as low as 100.9, and as high as 136.9 for gas.

    That was in British Columbia, and a per-liter amount. :cantdothemath:
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    It was $.38 less at Costco than the last time I put gas in: $3.49 today, with short lines at the pumps.
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    Movin' on up again; finding $3.57 was really low the other day, as most other stations were at least $3.69 (and most around $3.75+).
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    'Twas $3.53 at Costco today, with long lines at the pumps. Last time I refueled, the stats were about the same (price per gallon, gallons filled, total paid, miles travelled since). Most other stations seem to be around the $3.80 mark.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Most other stations seem to be around the $3.80 mark.
    Oh, I'm sorry. That amount was yesterday. Today, most stations now seem to be around the $3.90 level.
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    In my area, gas is ranging from $3.46 to $3.69. Some of the usual stations haven't raised...yet.

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    A pipeline in Wisconsin leaked so the price jumped from $3.529 to $3.579 and now its $3.629


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