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    It went down again last week now its at $3.299...that of course happened AFTER I filled up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJamBonds View Post
    It went down again last week now its at $3.299...that of course happened AFTER I filled up.
    This may cheer you up, JJB. It's$ 3.67/gal (regular) in my area. My son further rubs it about our prices with his constant reminder of $2.98/gal. where he lives in Norman, OK.
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    'Funny' that you say that because I heard on the radio a report that the average price in Wisconsin is on the verge of dipping under $3.00 for the first time in just over two if you go back up and look at the price in my neck of Wisconsin.... sighhh.

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    $3.249 at Costco and Sams in Rancho Mirage (took a trip to hit up after-Christmas clearances, because that area has always been awesome on that front, but came up mostly empty-handed).
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    I got gas yesterday and roughly two hours later the price dropped (2 cents) to $3.219

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    Filled up this morning for a wonderful 3.74/gal. Up seven cents from last week. Missouri may be the "Show Me" state, but California is definitely the "Bend Over" state.
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    First fill-up of the year (since I was a passenger during much of my winter break) at Costco, since the time I stopped by this week, they had a power outage that shut down the store and pumps. Cost me $3.43 a gallon, courtesy of a gift card.
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    It's still always at least $70 to fill my gas tank.

    I remember when it was $25 and I had an SUV then as well.
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    I have been filling up at QTs in Phoenix for under 3.00 a gallon lately. I was excited when the price went below 3.00.
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