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    I took a brief road trip to AZ this weekend; saw $3.05 as the cheapest, and paid $3.09 at the cheapest (with $3.35 as the most). Got about 29 MPG on the 1,074 miles travelled. Here at home, I paid $3.43 (and that was the cash price) today (tears of gasoline ), which was about $.10 less than most stations.
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    After filling up yesterday I saw that some stations this afternoon dropped the price by 4 cents a gallon to $3.159. #jerks

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    Hey, at least it's going down near you; prices are up about a nickel here.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Hey, at least it's going down near you; prices are up about a nickel here.
    Then you'll be happy I guess that it dropped another 2 cents today, now its $3.139

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    Loved how a TV newsman said that "with lower fuel prices..." the other day, as most prices here have been upping to around $3.69 over the past weeks. I had to search around some time back for under $3.50.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Filled my tank completely for the first time since vacation in July to the tune of $60. Normally, I just spent $20 every other week or so to keep it at ¼ tank full which is enough for week end errands. It's nice having a company take-home car to rely on (even though I pay the county $50/month for the "privilege" of being able to respond to calls from my residence). My son will be home tomorrow on Christmas break and my car will be MIA from the driveway for most of his visit. I foresee many total fill-ups in the next few weeks....
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    It still costs me almost $80 (now about $75) for a full fill-up.

    I try to make it last the month.

    I believe my budget is expanding with a new raise I got and 3 fill-ups (or $225 in gas) will be possible. I will still endeavor to conserve fuel.

    Any amount under $225 is still separate from my savings and a planned expense. So if I don't use it driving, I can be more generous to my friends - one of my first thoughts on how to use the difference.

    Christmas presents may not be on time, but with any savings here and there, I'll be able to buy the right present for the right person some day when I see it.

    Besides, it's hard to shop for gifts with a single date (Dec 25, their birthday, etc) in mind. Unless you actually must have me get you the proverbial "fish tie."

    (By the way, for fish tie fans, they do make great white shark and killer whale versions. They're kind of cool, not that I'd wear one.)
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