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    Did find it for $3.43 at Costco; almost used up the balance on my cash card.
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    Last fill-up of 2013; you'll notice that the price rose by $.16 from my last time (to $3.59; which was by far the cheapest non-cash price I saw). Most are in the $3.70s (and often the upper amounts, too ).
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    Just throwed $20 into the tank at $3.95/gal. Prices in my area have been slowly rising again.
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    Up around here as well, $3.59 is the rock bottom cheapest I've seen for regular.
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    So, who gets the coveted 1000th reply to this thread? Someone gonna just go out and put in 2 gallons for the fame?

    With crude oil down below $90 for the first time in some time, ALL fuel prices should plummet, right? Of course not. Really no change round here (average around $3.69 to about a dime less).
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    Was near Costco today, and filled up at $3.39. There isn't any station nearby even close to that (I don't think any are even in the $3.40s range).
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