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    Question Are the Royal Guards clones in ATOC... ?

    Very curious to know... I know it conflicts with the comic...

    But knowing GL he doe's tend to changes things for the movies benefit...

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    Well the Imperial Guards, if I'm not mistaken, are supposed to be Jedi guards, or Sith actually. So if they are clones then they would have to be clones of Jedis. But Lucas could just as well decide against that as well and just say, yep they are just regular clones with no special powers.
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    That would be lame, cause if they have no special powers then they would be like stormtroopers...

    Surely they must be at Jedi ranks... Dammit wish they had light sabers...

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    They are supposed to, at least in EU they are. But you know GL likes to mess with the EU stuff.
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    Clones appear to be a touchy issue during the time between TPM and AOTC. But since Palpatine (Sidious/Sido-Dyas) is responsible for the clone commission in the first place, I find it possible for several of the clones of Jango to be acquired early and trained as guards.

    Palpatine could easily say that the guards cannot remove their helmets because knowing their identity will jeopardize their ability to protect themselves and the Republic. When actually, he doesn't want them seen because they all look alike.
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    I read somewhere that the Royal Guards are advanced Stormtroopers. Since Stormtroopers are clones then that would make Royal Guards clones as well.

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    I don't think so... The guards from The Phantom Menace have just changed uniforms...
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    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    or they're advanced clones that they made grow faster.

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    Or they're clone midgets stacked on top of one another. Think about it, have we ever seen underneath those robes?
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    The comic Crimson Empire is about one of Palpatines Royal Guards. I read it a long time ago and can't remember if they are Jedi or they are an advanced fighting Stormtrooper. Can anyone remember?
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