I finally got to take a picture of the view outside my window. This is what I look at when I spin around and look behind me if I'm sitting at my computer desk. You can see a Lilac bush, there are two more evenly spaced between my house and the brick wall. Once the lilacs are gone, then they are just lawn obstacles that I have to mow around.

Speaking of my computer desk. I also am attaching a picture of that, seeing as I garbage picked it last month when the town I live in has free trash pick up day. You see once a year you can throw away anything, large or small and you don't have to buy trash stickers to have it hauled away. Otherwise anything over one outside garbage can, you are supposed to purchase garbage refuse stickers for, so if I have a second can of trash, I have to pay an extra $1.75 to get it hauled, throw out a couch, another sticker, leaf debris, well that's another sticker entirely, and it has to be in a brown lawn bag.

So on the one day you can drive around my town, and pick up some decent stuff. The guy who owned the desk ha it partially disassembled and had all the screws required to put it back together, as well as the instructions. He even helped me load it into my car. It's a lot nicer than the desk I had before. Best of all, it was FREE!