I have 2 balconies that overlook the main round-a-bout drive and open park space in my rather large apartment community.

I couldn't sleep for the moment (I slept from like 6pm - 11pm already tonight and have been up and down sporadically), so I turned the heat off (I keep my place at 85 but sometimes it gets too much for me, so I just shut it off and let it cool down on its own to about 82. And I stepped out on the large balcony to cool down. I wore my white bathrobe (looks like ANH Obi-Wan's inner Jedi robe) and brought my Darth Maul FX lightsaber with me (in single-blade mode).

The large sliding glass doors that are one accessway out to my larger balcony reflect really well and I can watch my reflection like it's a large mirror in which to practice my lightsaber forms. I have a lot more space on my balcony for the full double-blade exercises, but my batteries are dead for one of the Maul blades and I want to replace both at the same time, so I'm using a single blade while I still have working batteries in one-half of the saber.

It's also really quiet at this time of night, so once in a while, I'll let loose a major flatulation noise that I make with my hands pressed to my face and it echoes across my complex like Godzilla farted! I guess others can't hear it very well, or aren't sure how to react to it, since I got no response to several farts I periodically let loose. Maybe people thought they were natural so it wasn't regarded as much as an annoying nuiscance noise like it was supposed to be. Disappointed, I quit after getting no attention - not even Security who I only saw at a distance.

I did observe unusual people at 3:30 in the morning. That was interesting. I was going to start a separate thread about that, but this is as good of place as any. I'll post about the others I observed later. Folks don't read long 'net posts any more, and I need to give you some time in case anyone wants to react to my lightsaber training or my farting noises first.