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    This was just plain weird. It'll take some time to tell, so ignore the following if you despise long, seemingly-useless stories with several asides.

    Okay. This afternoon, I looked out my front window. On the porch are some plants, a windchime, and a glider seat. Well, on this glider is... a small hawk. Really. I saw its head move, its wings lightly flapped. I'd loaned my digital camera to my mom who's on a two-week out-of-state vacation (and ironic, that the Go-Gos song "Vacation" just finished on the Totally Awesome 80s Mix Tape CD I'm listening to), so I was thinking of how I could capture this semi-odd occurance of natural-life-meets-urban-life. A-ha! I still have my 35mm camera (remember those, kiddies? ). I looked through the "technology drawer" and found a camera. Didn't quite look like what I'd remembered, but it's been a few years. Do I actually have any film? Yes! One left. I checked; do I have a backup battery in case this one's dead? Also yes! So, I load the film; it won't take a picture, but shows the "E" on the register (for "error" ). Then, I remembered this is the older camera; the "newer" one's on the CD shelf (where I'd picked up this '80s CD! ). But, you can't just pull out film from a camera and re-use it, right? Heck, nothing to lose. FYI... you still can't do that. Anyhow, the hawk's still there, ignorant of my plight. Then, I thought, I can go to the store, just across the street, maybe a half a mile away. But, if I pull the car out of the driveway, it might scare away the bird. So, I grab my house keys, my wallet, a hat, and jogged over there (it's 90 degrees and humid... stupid?). I buy one of the few rolls still left (yes, there's a dust layer on the box), jog back home. I see the trash truck (Fri. is trash pick up day here), starting up the street. No! Don't freak the bird out! I get home. Is the hawk still there? Yes! I load the film (it actually has the name of the grocery store, Stater Bros., printed on the cannister :highquality: ), with no dreaded "E" showing. Alright. I take a picture from inside the house. The flash goes off, but while the hawk looks around, it does fly off. Good. I walk slowly around the house, turn on the camera before I reach the porch so the whirring doesn't frighten it. I crouch around the bushes, deciding how to take this shot. I saw it, it saw me, then flew off. I did get an "action shot" of it flapping away (wow, that's rare ). I noticed that it left some "waste" on the glider, so I took photographic proof of that, too. The hawk did not return, at least not 20 minutes later. And interestingly, several years ago, a crane stopped off in the backyard, probably because it thought the above-ground pool was a lake and stayed overnight, just walking around the deck. Birds of a feather, flock together?

    Anyhow, the view out my window today.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    It's finally nice and quiet the house. Just a bit past twelve thirty in the AM, and I'm being visited by a familiar friend through my window as I sit here:
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    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    You know that alien from Star Trek TOS?

    It looked just like that - like the special effects budget for a 1960's era sci-fi television series.

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    Do you mean Bob the Alien?
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    No. His cousin, Al the Other Alien.

    I think they alternated starring in TOS episodes.

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    This is a deer that was eating pears in our back yard a few weeks ago.
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    Had to move fast for this action shot! So sorry for the blinds getting in the way...
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    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Old Fossil, you live in some beautiful country!

    Bel-Cam, what are we looking at? The City picking up your recycling from your POV through your window blinds?

    Outside my window, the California sun is shinning and we call this daylight. Later when the sun goes down, everything will get dark. We will call this night. I may very well ignore all of that if I'm still sitting here at my computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Old Fossil, you live in some beautiful country!
    Thanks, Tycho. Lots of greenery here.

    We have also had a pair of red foxes that have been visiting our yard, two or three evenings a week on average, for the past three years. The attached image is very dark, but you can somewhat make out the fox.

    These foxes exhibit some strange behavior. Last year I started finding newspapers in our back yard, still bound and wrapped in plastic. After a few weeks I figured out that the foxes were stealing them from the homes in our neighborhood, and taking them to our back yard to play with! (I'm pretty sure it's them; they usually mark them, if you take my meaning.)
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    You could confuse the heck out of them. Why don't YOU steal your neighbor's paper and "mark it yourself," and then deposit it in your backyard.

    Meanwhile, if your neighbor were to ever register on this site, one day we might see a post, "So while I was looking at the view outside my window, there was this really weird guy and..." Hehe.


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