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    Why is the dianoga trash monster on the Death Star?

    I just thought of this question today. Why is it there? If it is, is it to eat some of the trash? And more importantly if not, then how did it get on the Death Star in the first place? And also are we ever going to get a new 3 3/4" figure of it?
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    I've wondered that since when I first saw Star Wars. Then, after seeing them in action in SOTE for N64, I wonder how big that trash compactor was?
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    The Empire probably uses them to eat and break down any organic matter that goes into the trash chutes. Similar to the way that maggots and worms break down garbage here on earth. Except on a much more efficant level. Assuming that the Empire contracts out their garbage removal from their bases, they would want to spend the least ammount of credits possible for any disposal contractors. Not to mention they probably dont wana deal with disposal contractors on a secret project space station. By first removing alot of the organic matter, and then crushing the non-organic matter as well as whats left they can get away with the garbage taking up less space as well as less mass. Making removal efficiant and cost effective.

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    That's the way I've always heard it told.

    Plus it truly might be a good "watchdog" for God knows what. Maybe as a little "bonus" for those that do wander down there.
    Not very plausible, granted, no matter though.
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    it's more likely to have grown from spores or whatever transported to the death star by the transports that brought the materials to build the whole thing. If the empire is such a techno organisation I can't see them employing such a lo-tech organism for the rmoval of waste. most likely is that the thing grew from it's spore eating it's way around the waste as the death star was built and found a nice quiet corner to inhabit unnoticed where it grew to full size. More of a parasite than a welcome creature. The empire probably has the same problem with dianoga as it does with mynock.

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    Maybe it was Tarkin's pet and when it got too big he flushed it down the toilet.

    Maybe he throws rebellious princeses to it as snacks.
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    An unwary cargo ship could have come a little too close to the death star carrying a dianoga aboard as part of a waste disposal system or stowed away. And when the empire tractored in/disposed of the vessel, the dianoga ended up in the trash.

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    All that EU and no explanation???

    I kinda find that difficult to believe! No data entries on the natural habitat of this thingamajig? I thought the Kenner version of the creature was a little comical.
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    Dianogas are huge things, they grow to about a diameter of 20 meters. How could one of those have been in thetrash compactor if the floor was where Hans feet were huh? Anyway, this is a pic from the wildlife of star wars that I reckon would look great as a deluxe figure with a new sculpt of Luke in stormtrooper disguise.
    The deluxe beast and figure assortment could really take off and this would be top of my wishlist right now after seeing how much better it looks than that lame piece of poo that passed for the vintage dianoga.

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    That thing is AWESOME!!! I KNEW there had to be some EU reference to the bloody thing!!! He's pretty cool looking. Again... not quite sure how he'd fit into the trash compactor as you so nicely pointed out Jargo! I always envisioned him to be more of a mutant snake type creature.
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