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    The Prequals Are Too Clean

    Is anyone else with me that the prequal trilogy is too extravagent and clean looking. Part of the appeal of the original trilogy was that everything looked old, battered and dirty looking and you had a feeling that it was set in the past.

    The prequals just don't have that same look, don't get me wrong there are scenes that do have that rustic look but the majority just looks too clean cut and glossy.
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    I thought you were going to say Padme should've been nekkid.
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    For me it isn't that they look too clean, it's that they look to artificially dirty if that makes any sense. Organized clutter which doesn't look natural. The OT looks very natural. What needs to be spotless is spotless (the Death Star), what needs to be dirty is downright filthy (the sand crawler). It's the small things in the PT that don't show the wear and tear that they should.

    A lot of what is said negative is pointing the finger at the use of CGI. I'm not sure that's the (only) reason. Being that I don't know the in's and out's of the making of movies it seems like there is more to it. Jurassic Park was heavily CGI but it doesn't come across as "clean". One thing that struck me with seeing the original matte paintings used is the shear lack of detail in them. Perhaps using CGI to add every bit of detail to every corner of a shot made the images look too good. Pausing a PT movie in a all CGI scene and you can see every speck of detail in even the smallest of corners. Perhaps that is too much.

    Even the original models have a surprisingly lack of detail when compared to some of the digital models used.
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    Beyond simple aesthetic preferences, the prequels are "clean" because they represent a relatively prosperous age. The OT represents the era of military dictatorialism, and just like Cuba, they are forced to continuously repair old stuff instead of buying new, as the bounty of the galaxy is used to feed the imperial war machines.

    Look in that oddball scrapbook Sansweet put out. The "used" universe look was intentional, and the "pristine" universe is also. This is another case of being disappointed because the PT doesn't conform to our preconceived notions of what SW "should look like" because the OT was our frame of reference.
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    Yeah, that and they spelled Prequel with an "e." Cads.

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    Yeah. What Jon said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid View Post
    Yeah, that and they spelled Prequel with an "e." Cads.
    "Prequal" is what they say to sell you credit right before taking your house!

    Don't sweat the spelling po-po, Jekporky! We've all done it!
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    I never really fully understood why everyone talks so much about how Star Wars is set in a "used" universe -- I mean, sure, Tatooine and the Rebel stuff are run-down, but everything else is not (the Imperial stuff is downright pristine). There was also the argument that the prequel technology should have been worse or older than the OT technology, but JON's point on this was right on.
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    I don't get why the Prequel stuff should be run down. JON nailed it in saying that since there was no war and most everyone was prospering people could afford to buy new things and get rid of the old.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid View Post
    Yeah, that and they spelled Prequel with an "e." Cads.
    If you want to criticize someones spelling, please start a sepErate thread.
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