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    So I take it that it is a belated happy birthday I am wishing you then? Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday JarJarBeast.

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    Have a happy day
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    Happy birthday Ja-Ji-Ber-Beastie-Boy!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Jax View Post
    Happy Birthday JarJarBeast.
    Hey! That was gonna be my line!

    So I'll just have to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JarJar Beast!
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    Oops! Well, happy (late) birthday, you beautiful blue bastard!
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    Happy birthday, Beastie!!! Hope it's a good one!!!!
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    Thanks guys! It's been a pretty good day so far. Other than a couple issues.

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    There are ALWAYS issues on birthdays!!!!!
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    Happy Issues Day Birthday Beast.

    As an X-men, may we commemorate your celebration of mutating to a point one year closer to senility!


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