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    Question LEGO Chess Set

    This really isn't a custom, but I finally put together my Star Wars Lego Chess Set. Some of the new sets, like Jedi Duel and Ewok Attack made it final. Here is what I have, and feel free to offer suggestions and criticism.

    Rebels : King---Obi Wan (Landspeeder Set)
    Queen---Luke Skywalker (Landspeeder Set)
    Bishops---Han Solo (mini-fig pack w/Boba Fett)
    Knights---Chewbacca (mini-fig pack w/Biker Scouts)
    Rooks---C-3PO (Droid Escape set)
    Pawns---4 R2-D2's and 4 Ewoks in alternating order

    Imperials: King---Emperor (Jedi Duel)
    Queen---Darth Vader (Jedi Duel)
    Bishops---Royal Guards (Imperial Shuttle)
    Knights---Imperial Officers (Jedi Duel)
    Rooks---Boba Fett (mini-fig pack)
    Pawns---4 Scout and 4 Storm Troopers

    If anyone would like to try this, a regular "green grass base" will work perfectly. 4x4 squares will fit the 8 across 8 wide that you need for a chess board. It's kinda expensive to build, especially since I paid $35 for two Royal Guards, but they look cool. I would say I have $150-$175 in total, including paint and other things. I also glued everything on the figures, I got tired of the stormtrooper helmets coming off.

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    Sounds very cool, have you made Emperor-like chairs for the King and Queen figures? I dunno about having Luke as the Queen though, maybe Luke as King and Leia as Queen (you may have to make a fake Leia since that thing is in a mucho-expensive set).
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    Jedi Tricks- I had thought about Leia as the Queen, but the money spent on just one lego figure was silly in my opinion. How would you make a custom Leia? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Any other suggestions? I was trying to keep away from using two Han Solos and Chewbaccas, etc. What do you think would be good substitutes? I thought about painting one of the C-3PO figs to look like K-3PO. And four R2's kinda look silly, but it works for the moment. Are there any other "bounty hunters" in lego form? The "chairs" idea is a good one, thanks for that one. I picked Luke and Vaders as Queens because that piece usually does the most "damage", and Obi Wan and the Emperor are too old to moving around the board all the time ! Thanks again for the help.


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