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    Please post your VOTE for up to 6 {six} of the questions provided in this thread, letting us know which ones you most want to see asked on March 28th. Keep in mind that your votes in round 46 do not count in this round, so if your question is still on the list you may want to vote for it again.

    Also, feel free to post new questions. For reference, here are Hasbro's answers to previous SSG questions; to's questions; and from other sites. The questions we asked last round can be found here.

    Current questions (vote for up to 6):
    1. - Canadian collectors miss out on a many of the US-only store exclusives. Any chance Canadians could have every exclusive figure/vehicle/combination made available on after their shelf runs in the US stores?
    2. - Are there folks today at Hasbro who were working on the Star Wars line back when it was reborn in 1995? Was there any clue behind-the-scenes back then that the Star Wars toy line would garner such a huge adult collector following? Were adult collectors considered at all on any level back then when forging the line's beginnings? What do you folks think of the extensive adult collector enthusiasm for the line today, 13 years later?
    3. - Twice during the prequels, a vehicle toy's MSRP was dropped significantly without any changes to its mold - the first being the Episode I Naboo Royal Starship which went from $100 to $50, and the second being the Republic Gunship which in the Saga line was $40 but subsequent releases were $30. What were the causes of these price drops? Why hasn't this happened with other vehicles in similar high pricepoints?
    4. - The new Clone Trooper and Rebel Trooper role-play blasters are pretty cool and seem to be selling fairly well out of the gate. With that in mind, will Hasbro be offering more role-play weapons such as all-new sculpts of Han's blaster, the Stormtrooper blaster (with more accurate size and folded stock under the barrel), Biker Scout pistol, and perhaps even larger ones like the Hoth Rebel rifle and Clone Trooper long rifle? (Please discuss the specific possibilities of each of the examples in this question.)
    5. - What are the requirements that a retailer must go meet to get a Star Wars exclusive, do they have to be a certain size company, make a certain number of Hasbro orders a month, etc.? Is there some sort of process that a retailer has to go through to get an exclusive, do they work with Hasbro on what item to produce or is it out of their hands?
    6. - Many collectors have noted that Moff Jerjerrod was not a great seller and can still be found in stores, while it seemed as though Admiral Ozzel, Captain Piett, and Grand Moff Tarkin seemed to have sold better. There are times where Hasbro really nails a likeness, but unfortunately Moff Jerjerrod did not look like the actor and had an angry facial expression not seen in Return of the Jedi. Would Hasbro ever consider resculpting this figure or does the perceived poor performance of the Jerjerrod figure make it unlikely he would ever be revisited. Do you agree that if this figure sold poorly it may have been in part because of a poor likeness?
    7. - Would Hasbro consider releasing a complete set of clone troopers with only a basic, plain white deco? Many customizers would enjoy having a blank clone to decorate with their own designs, and regular fans could enjoy the uniform look - the white AT-RT Driver from the Ep 3 Commemorative Tin set looks great and is easy to customize. So how about a box set with all the various clone types without specialized deco or even weathering? It could even be offered in simpler packaging, white mailer boxes with simple baggies.
    8. - In the Galactic Heroes line we have gotten an AT-AT Commander and Driver figures, and now several new vehicles and beasts. Might that increase chances of getting a Galactic Heroes AT-AT?
    9. - Why are nearly all of the Galactic Heroes figures smiling, even bad guys like Tarkin and the AT-AT Commander?
    10. - Since Hasbro is showing some interest in SW: Battlefront, releasing the multipacks and the Rebel Vanguard figure, will the rocket launcher from the Battlefront II Clone pack be included if a blue ARC Trooper is ever released on single card again? (It's the weapon he carries in the first Battlefront game.)
    11. - Will you ever release any Neimoidians & Separatist Leaders in the Galactic Heroes line?
    12. - A few times in Q&A's history, you've suggested collectors submit their local stores' pegwarming data to you so Hasbro store reps can get these problems fixed. Some of the stores did show signs of improvement in this department, however others still suffer old TSC pegwarmers (Moff Jerjerrod is pretty consistent) and show absolutely no signs of moving, and the reports on these were coming in from all over the country. What if anything was done to fix the problem, and what will be done in the future? If nothing else, having several Hasbro Star Wars pegs filled up with very old product is going to hamper sales of newer product hurting your business and hindering collectors' ability to get new figures.
    13. - The current R5 droid mold (used on R5-D4, R5-J2, and R5-F7) is close to "perfect", but there are a few glaring issues that should be addressed before this mold becomes the all-purpose version. They include the antenna, which comes out and may be lost easily; the pop-up motivator, which worked on R5-D4 but had diminishing returns on later uses; and the chest plate being a separate piece, which has been a problem on every figure to use the VOTC R2-D2 body. The head could just be retooled and used on the more-accurate R4-G9 body. Will these issues be addressed, or will we continue to get more less-than-perfect R5 figures?
    14. - With The Force Unleashed videogame being pushed back to late August, will early TFU product be re-released to coincide with the game's release?
    15. - 2007 was likely the best year ever for army builders. Every trooper - with the exception of the McQuarrie Concept figures - was widely available in large numbers, even in the heavily competitive Los Angeles area. Several battle packs reflected the love of army builders. Even the troops from the 2006 Saga line were available far into the year due to the delay in the TAC. Is this the distribution model Hasbro will be using from now on, where troops will be plentiful and the previous year's assortment will available into the next year's line?
    16. - Has there been any thought about doing a few deliberate variations to some of the figures this year as running changes offered in later assortments, like you did with the ROTS line? For instance, the new '08 Anakin-as-Vader figure could be repainted with Sith eyes, or the '08 Obi-Wan could be redecoed with battle damage.
    17. - The Order 66 packs from last year were great and the ones shown at Toy Fair look just as good. How long will it be before we start to see these clones sold on their own though? It would be great to army build them but not on a 1 to 1 ratio with their Jedi commanders.
    18. - After six years, you've finally made a highly articulated Jango Fett figure that has a great sculpt and lots of articulation. Trouble is, his jumpsuit is a garish shade of lavender that never appears in the film or any EU source, the one in the film was a far more muted, bluish tone. Was this an error or intentional, and if in error, will it be corrected in future shipments?
    19. - Will the Republic Gunship be re-released to coincide with the release of the Clone Wars cartoon? Several are featured in the preview, and some even have new deco.
    20. - One of the Starfighter-class ($20) vehicles at your Toy Fair display was the V-19 Clone Fighter, it was also seen in the slideshow. However, both the physical one at the show and the one seen in Hasbro's photos had the side wings folded down to only nearly a horizontal position, while in the Clone Wars cartoon they fold down well past horizontal to around 45 degrees below horizontal. Will the wings on this one fold down past the position shown at Toy Fair?
    21. - Since the second half '08 figures don't seem to come with stands, will the action figure stand packs from HasbroToyShop get new name labels so they can be used with late '07 and late '08 figures who don't have existing stands or labels? Also, will we see a specific "Clone Wars" stand added to the line-up?
    22. - In the Indiana Jones line, what are the odds of seeing the tank from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade made in the action figure scale?
    23. - Regarding Luke Jedi in his Death Star 2 look, the only basic figure of this is from 5 years ago, is preposed, has an action gimmick with floppy arms, and a likeness somewhere between "caveman" and "Harpo Marx". That despite Luke DS2 being the only OT main character figure in the last Fans' Choice poll's top 25 - 10 of the 14 figures above him are made or confirmed, as well as 4 of the 9 figures beneath. Hasbro's past answer on this matter was "theming issues, it may be a while, hang in there," yet since the 2003 DS2 Luke figure there have been 7 ROTJ waves and 2 Vintage-style lines with ROTJ figures; 4 more Luke Jedi with Jabba's Palace outfits and Toy Fair has shown yet another ROTJ wave, this time with a Jabba's Palace-styled Luke Jedi from a deleted scene; and the previous new Luke Jedi figure could have fit the bill with its removable vest and outer belt yet was designed specifically against making it into DS2 Luke. Fans want Luke DS2, most of the other Fans' Choice poll results have been made or confirmed, Hasbro's had several opportunities, now we have sandstorm Luke coming - a deleted scene figure - over Luke DS2 which is baffling. So what's the full story here, why no Luke DS2 yet again? When can collectors finally get the last main OT character's significant costume yet to be done as an action figure?
    24. - Back in 1996, Kenner/Hasbro was developing a Virago vehicle toy for the Shadows of the Empire figure line to go along with the 2 other vehicles the line produced. Several pieces of concept and packaging art were produced, a retailer-enticement sheet describing some cool features was found not too long ago, as well as a prototype model, but the vehicle never materialized. The Galoob Action Fleet Virago remains one of the most sought-after vehicles on ebay, this ship makes for a unique and exciting Star Wars toy. Did your Virago design ever get turned into a mold? Does Hasbro still have any molds or prototypes of it? What would the chances be of seeing a Virago released today?
    25. - A number of fans would like to see more figures from the SW Holiday Special, which you've stated is not a priority for Hasbro. One of the characters from it, Ackmena, played by Bea Arthur, has been getting some traction lately in the collector community as a figure they'd like to see made. Before fans get too fired up, might you comment on if Hasbro even has the licensed authority needed to make a Bea Arthur Ackmena figure?
    26. - Might the build-a-droid concept be applied to other build-a-whatever ideas such as build-a-beast or a piece of scenery?
    Vote now, and suggest new questions too. Thanks for participating!

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    I have two new questions, one indy related the other starwars:

    What are the odds of us seeing the tank from the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade being released are? In the 3.75" scale!

    So there are rumors floating around that there is a disturbance at the lars homestead. Wondering if you have heard anything in regards to this? If so, would you think of A New Hope of Attack of the Clones?

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    12, 13, 14, 16, 19, 21
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    6 - Jerjerrod ... again.

    I'd be surprised if they'll comment on any Disturbance cinema scene since even if it was true they often won't comment at all on exclusives.

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    And a question to submit myself:

    Why has Hasbro blatenly disreguarded fan outcries for a Death Star 2 Luke Jedi figure? Fan's were seriously unsatisfied with 2003's Throne Room Duel figure, and fan's also don't find the 2007 TAC Jedi Luke an adequent enough sculpt to fit the bill. To top it off, the release of the Sandstorm figures only further baffels the mind as to why another incarnation of Luke Jedi is chosen over Death Star 2 Luke. All in all, Hasbro, what gives? Do you have plans to do a Death Star 2 Luke Jedi? Will it (**HOPEFULLY**) be a new sculpt (or at least TAC Jedi Luke retooled with smaller ball joints and correct detail/paint app). Fan's just want to know what gives, and a clear answer would be great, as you've ducted this question in the past!!


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    Q6 (jerrjerrod's poor likeness being responsible for his not selling)

    and ROTJluke's question should it be submitted. I'd prefer an entirely new attempt as I just don't think anything from the TAC figure is salvageable. I'd also like a straight reuse of Saga Jabbas palace luke's swivel head but I know that won't happen.

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    6, 8, 13 & the ROTJ Luke question if added.

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    Ask Hasbro does The Virago molds still exist?

    I know the license that this came from is long gone but it's worth a try.

    Thanks Galactic Hunter dot com and Adam_May

    Picture in this forum.
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    Hasbro still has the license, VDC. It would fall under the Star Wars umbrella.

    I've never been a big fan of SOTE (at least not as much as a lot of folks), but I thought it was rather good, and I've always loved that vehicle design.
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