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    Anyone seen the new 2008 line in stores yet?

    I'm looking for Tarfful, Secura, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Bly, Bacara, etc. I've seen a few listed on e-bay for ridiculous prices.

    Anyone actually seen these in an actual store yet?
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    They havent been released yet. Only the first two waves have. The next wave is due out later this year because it got pushed back.
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    They are out. I got all but the Ayla Secura pack last week.

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    I got all four sets this week as well - online, but they were fairly reasonable, around 5.99 each (+ shipping), which isn't bad for the UK....cheaper than ebay anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skystreak View Post
    They are out. I got all but the Ayla Secura pack last week.
    At what store did you find them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaperTiger201 View Post
    At what store did you find them?

    I got them at Newbury Comics: a local chain of CD/pop culture stores that always has the most recent SW stuff for slightly inflated prices.


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