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    TPM -vs- AOTC: Shouldn't we be happy?

    Compare TPM toys to AOTC toys. Look how much more complex the scuplts seem (for some) now! I mean, look at Luminara's dress, or for that matter just about any of the Jedi. Plus Palpatine.....ohhhhhhhhhh.......Dooku..........ohh hhhhhhh......

    It's weird how much different these things are from Ep 1. PLUS THEY'RE CHEAPER!!!
    Andy Smith

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    I'm happy. Aren't you happy? Who's not happy? Oh, THEY aren't happy. Well your not going to let them ruin your fun are you?

    I personally like the figs to death now. I'm happy. What's not to be happy about? People gripe, they always will, don't mind em'.
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    Andy Smith

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    Who us

    The Episode 1 line was jamed packed with so many resculpts and so many pegwarmers,hopefully this doesnt happen with AOTC!
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    Overall I like the diverse selection among figures for AOTC. Plus, there's something about the feel of this movie that's different from TPM. I can't really describe it, but it just seems better.

    The problem with E1 toys, IMO, was that they didn't seem right when placed next to POTF2 figures. There seems to be more variety with what we're getting with E2. More figures of characters that you wanted to have figures of. Like all the Jedi, and the different type of alien species and stuff like that.

    Overall, I'm happy.
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    The first few waves of Ep 1 product were sorely undersculpted IMO, they looked like the Hasbro designers simply didn't have enough source materials to capture accurate likenesses. Compare E1 Jedi Duel Obi-Wan to much later E1 Jedi Knight Obi-Wan, they barely look related and they're supposed to be the same guy from the same time period!

    With AOTC product, the collection 1 stuff looks to me like they didn't have the same problems, but there are still a few issues FOR ME. One thing that's bothering me from what I've seen is Hasbro doesn't seem to be laying the paints down that well, one carded Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase I saw had "crazy eyes" and really messed up hair. The other issue I have with the line is the preposed, gimmicky stuff. I like neutral poses (like the aforementioned E1 Jedi Knight Obi-Wan), and if I want to do cool poses, then added articulation is important too (like in my Plo Koon vs Apprentice Maul) instead of just having a figure that's got limited articulation and an action pose.

    So, all in all, it looks like the first AOTC waves will have some problems, but they're not the same problems as Ep 1 and probably not as extreme. I mean, you can be happy as a clam, I don't mind, but I'm not sold on AOTC figures yet, I'm not seeing a whole line that says to me "this is what you've been waiting for, this is ALL right" mainly because I don't think all of it is right.
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    You KNOW I can't disagree with you Jedi Tricks!

    Your gripes are the same as MY gripes.

    And folks...What the heck are you talking about you HOPE there aren't GOING TO BE as many resculpts with AOTC???

    The Episode 1 line was jamed packed with so many resculpts and so many pegwarmers,hopefully this doesnt happen with AOTC!
    It's ALREADY happened!!! We already have 2 Zam Wesells, 3 Jango Fetts, 2 Padmes in essentially the SAME outfit. So how can you not count these as the same problems as E1, BUT SOONER into the new line?? I think the sculpts and detailing are gorgeous, but I don't want to have to buy EVERY FIGURE to get them to do what I'd LIKE them to do. I'm passing on ALL the Jedi Knights until we get some that aren't "final battle" specific.
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    2 Padmes in the same outfit?
    Andy Smith

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    Originally posted by neimoidian85
    2 Padmes in the same outfit?
    According to on-line lists we will be getting Padme in the white Arena Outfit again, but it will come with the cape that she was seen wearing in some pictures as well. Plus it won't be the torn version that the collection 1 figure is dressed in.

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