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    Never before made Vehicle/Ships poll round 2

    Okay the first round is complete. The top 30 vehicle/ships (of the original 80 from the previous round) are moving on.
    See the list below for those top 30 in order of the amount of votes they got.

    Jabba’s sail barge-231 points
    Twin-pod cloud car-167 points
    Gungan Bongo-163 points
    Dooku’s Solar Sailer-160 points
    Corporate Alliance tank droid(aka Snail Droid)-140 points
    Droid gunship-99 points
    Lars family landspeeder-94 points
    Rebel Transport-89 points
    Bail Organa’s airspeeder-87 points
    MTT-84 points
    Clone Turbo Tank (aka Juggernaut)-80 points
    TIE Defender-73 points
    Rebel Blockade Runner-72 points
    Imperial Theta-class shuttle-69 points
    Riskshaw w/droid (aka RIC-920)-66 points
    Virago-59 points
    Imperial landing craft-54 points
    The Moldy Crow (Kyle Katarn’s ship)-53 points
    Techno Union Starfighter-49 points
    Podracer, Teemto Pagalies’-45 points
    LAAT/i-43 points
    Battle Droid Carrier-42 points
    Coruscant air taxi-40 points
    General Grievous’ Shuttle-40 points
    Swamp speeder-35 points
    IG-2000 (IG-88’s ship)-35 points
    TX-130 Saber class fighter tank-34 points
    Podracer, Gasgano’s-34 points
    Tri-droid (PROPER SCALE)-33 points
    Wookiee flying catamaran-33 points

    For this round of voting you may vote for up 10 vehicle/ships from the 30 listed above. As with the previous round, please list them in order or your preference. Vote points are similar to the last poll. Your number one pick will get 10 points, your second will get 9 points, etc.

    No write-ins please. They will not be counted.

    The top 10 vote getters from this round will move to the final round where we will vote for and determine the top 5.

    Voting will end for this round on Tuesday March 18, at which time I'll tally the votes and start the final round of voting.

    This is not a discussion thread. If you'd like to discuss the results and ongoing poll for the vehicles/ships, please feel free to post in that thread:

    Thanks for participating.

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    Here are my votes:

    1. TX-130 Saber class fighter tank
    2. Corporate Alliance tank droid(aka Snail Droid)
    3. MTT
    4. Clone Turbo Tank (aka Juggernaut)
    5. Jabba’s sail barge
    6. Gungan Bongo
    7. Battle Droid Carrier
    8. Imperial landing craft
    9. Droid gunship
    10. Riskshaw w/droid (aka RIC-920)
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    1. Sail Barge
    2. Dooku's Solar Sailer
    3. Imperial Theta-Class Shuttle
    4. Swamp Speeder
    5. Tie Defender
    6. Twin-Pod Cloud Car
    7. Battle Droid Carrier
    8. Droid Gunship
    9. Tri-Droid
    10. MTT

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    1. Jabba's Sail Barge
    2. Wookiee flying catamaran
    3. Rebel Transport
    4. Lars family landspeeder
    5. Bail Organa’s airspeeder
    6. Riskshaw w/droid
    7. Dooku’s Solar Sailer
    8. Twin-pod cloud car
    9. Gungan Bongo
    10. Virago
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    I totally missed Round 1.

    1) Jabba’s sail barge
    2) Twin-pod cloud car
    3) Riskshaw w/droid (aka RIC-920)
    4) Gungan Bongo
    5) Dooku’s Solar Sailer
    6) Imperial landing craft
    7) Virago
    8) Rebel Transport
    9) Rebel Blockade Runner
    10) MTT

    Question: We're not considering pack-in figures at all, right? I only ask because the rickshaw is listed with a droid, and I'd think the Solar Sailer would need the similar droid pilot as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I totally missed Round 1.

    Question: We're not considering pack-in figures at all, right? I only ask because the rickshaw is listed with a droid, and I'd think the Solar Sailer would need the similar droid pilot as well.
    Sorry you missed the first round Chux.

    Pack-ins aren't really being considered, though for some like the Rickshaw, it's understood. The Rickshaw wouldn't be complete, nor make sense, without the droid.

    Dooku's Solar Sailor would be a great candidate for that specific pack-in and I'd hope that if Hasbro does this ship that they'd make the pilot droid to go with it.
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    1. Twin-pod cloud car
    2. Dooku's Solar Sailer
    3. Jabba’s sail barge
    4. Gungan Bongo
    5. Rebel Transport
    6. Techno Union starfighter
    7. Droid gunship
    8. Podracer, Gasgano's
    9. Coruscant air taxi
    10. Rickshaw w/droid (aka RIC-920)
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    1. Jabba's Sail Barge
    2. Twin Pod Cloud Car
    3. Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
    4. Clone Turbo Tank
    5. LAAT
    6. Gungan Bongo
    7. Imperial Landing Craft
    8. Rebel Transport
    9. Droid Gunship
    10. Tie Defender

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    1. Jabba’s sail barge
    2. Twin-pod cloud car
    3. TIE Defender
    4. Rebel Blockade Runner
    5. The Moldy Crow (Kyle Katarn’s ship)
    6. MTT
    7. Imperial landing craft
    8. Gungan Bongo
    9. Corporate Alliance tank droid(aka Snail Droid)
    10.Imperial Theta-class shuttle

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    1. Sail Barge
    2. Dooukus Solar Sailor
    3. Twin Cloud car
    4. Rickshaw Droid
    5. MTT
    6. Corporate Alliance Tank
    7. Rebel Transport
    8. Air Taxi
    9. Lars family landspeeder
    10. Gungan Bongo
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