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    Never before made Vehicle/Ship discussion thread.

    Here's the thread to comment on the current never before made vehicle/ship poll.

    I'm actually a little surprised with a few of the top 30 vote getters.

    In particular Dooku's Solar Sailor, as his Action Fleet ship didn't do so well. As well, the Lars landspeeder, while a good chioce was a lot higher than I expected it to be. The TIE Defender also placed higher than I thought it would.

    The one that astounds me to have even made the top 30 is the Moldy Crow. I honestly don't even recall this ship. I can't see how this would get made. It's very character specific and suffers from being an EU ship.

    Othewise, many of the top vote getters I expected to see, and I'm glad for the most part I think the way most of you do when it comes to most desired vehicles/ships.

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    I think some of the lore of the Lars Speeder is attributed to the lack of OT vehicles to make that haven't been made before. I'd love a cloudcar and Rebel transport but at least we have the option of using the vintage ones as substitutes.

    Jabba's Sailbarge is another never before made ship and I think it has a good chance of doing well in this. I'd like to see it as half ship half playset out. The question being what pricepoint can it get out at, and are people willing to give up scale to ahave it. Like the Sandcrawler before, I'd rather have an underscaled version than no version.
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    I love the Lars speeder (I'm even the person who suggested it for the poll, I think), but, realistically, I can't see myself getting excited over it.
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    I haven't been keeping up with the vehicle poll, but if I had voted, I might have voted for the Moldy Crow. Perhaps it did well because Dark Forces was an early iconic game that really immersed you into the Star Wars universe. It was also in the sequel, which I didn't get to play being that it was not available for the Mac. Likewise, the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games were very good as well. I would have voted for the TIE Defender. I still regret not picking up the Action Fleet version the one time I saw it at Target.

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    I'm surprised the Rebel Blockade Runner did as well as it did. I don't think most people have any idea what I meant when I wrote this one in. But I have a very good Kenner design in mind. It's under scaled but work great. Oh well it won't make it past round two, so I don't have to worry too much.

    I'm also surprised the Rebel Transport did as well. It really represents the bottom of the barrel when it comes to vintage design. There's a reason Hasbro hasn't tried to sell one of these yet. The thing tries to be a vehicle, carrying case and playset. But can't seem to pull any of them off. On the plus side Hasbro can't screw this up worst than Kenner.
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    Naboo water speeder with Paddy Acu pack-in figure.

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    I still want the Amidala's "skiff" that gets blown up in ROTS. I don't believe that ship even made the voting list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid View Post
    I still want the Amidala's "skiff" that gets blown up in ROTS. I don't believe that ship even made the voting list.
    The voting list was very, very incomplete. It's too bad the thread to suggest ships was only open a short time (in the General Discussion section, no less) and no write-ins were allowed in the actual poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    The voting list was very, very incomplete. It's too bad the thread to suggest ships was only open a short time (in the General Discussion section, no less) and no write-ins were allowed in the actual poll.
    There were several days to post write-ins before the poll. Since we were upwards of 80 ships with many of them, IMO ever so ridiculous obscure, I needed to break it off. With the inclusion of so many ships, it ran the risk of watering down everyone's vote.

    I do agree that the Naboo cruiser should have been on the poll. Had I thought of it I would have added it myself. Same for Padme's cruiser.

    I didn't though and neither did anyone else, until the poll had been closed. To be fair I laid out the rules. So as to not show favoritism towards anyone, I had to stick to those rules. I'd expect the same from Hasbro, so I am trying to keep in line with that.

    Keep it in mind for next year.

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    Sal, I have the first poll results open in a 2nd window so I can discuss them.

    A suggestion I'd make is to post your poll results AGAIN at the top of the new discussion thread - or add the next ones into this one as each of your polls close. MadSlantedPowers has been doing it this way for the figure poll and it works brilliantly to help people discuss the outcome.

    Now to the outcome:

    Jabba's Sailbarge is a must have. I will continue to sound like a song stuck on repeat by saying this knew it was coming...."If Zizzle can make the Black Pearl for their Pirate figure line..." You get the idea. The Sailbarge could work being about the size of that ship. It must hold Jabba with room for a decent amount of his courtieors around him, and it should have some kind of pilot station (which would be an EU element of course- but the craft didn't drive itself). But I really want this ship.

    The Blockade Runner: *sigh* This is my 2nd most-favorite ship in all the Star Wars saga (who doesn't love the Falcon first and foremost?). That is why I built the Tantive IV for myself as I'd want it (5 feet long, with the essential play features). The Kenner one (I've seen the pics of the prototype) sucked! It's one of the gems from the vintage past that we should leave in the past. I structured my toy around being able to set up the Stormtroopers fighting the Fleet Troopers in the initial boarding and went on from there. You can't build it to scale, and anything less than 5 feet, would be too small. I figured this out by actually making the ship prototype. As I love what I came up with, and thus don't need another one at the moment (next to other ships they could make), I did not rank the Blockade Runner too highly - but I DID vote for her.

    The Cloud Car is a no-brainer. Add hidden missle launchers to make it fun for the kiddies, or pack-in a black Cloud Car pilot as a variaiton from the OTC figure and sell it as an exclusive.

    The Bongo is a must-have. I'd accept an out-of-scale one with 3 separate cockpit "chambers" for each of the movie passengers if they can't make it to scale (making the cargo compartments on the real Bongo the extra seats for JarJar and Qui-Gon - Obi-Wan was the pilot).

    Dooku's solar sailor would be interesting as a working toy. The Action Fleet didn't sell well because it was basically a statue / replica. A toy for the 3 3/4" line could actually feature working sail deployment. That might be sweet. However, I didn't vote for the ship as I really don't need it. But I'd buy it if they made it that cool - and I'd buy an extra Dooku figure to fly in it, too!

    Corporate Alliance tank droid(aka Snail Droid), Droid gunship, Wookiee Catamaran, Clone Turbotank - these are all necessary for my Kashyyyk diorama and I want them all. I was really disappointed that the Wookiee craft didn't do better. It was a really cool design. What's wrong with you people?

    Lars family landspeeder - is something I'd definitely buy - but not a priority for me.

    Bail Organa's speeder - would definitely be useful! Bring it!
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